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A curiosity: Mismatch between Profile and My Stats

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Phyllis G Member Since: Sep 8, 2016
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Remembered to peek at My Stats today and was shocked--shocked, I tell you--to see a message telling me that I am "almost Top Rated". This was shocking because (1) as of my last update on May 13, I was Top Rated, (2) I have been Top Rated for a really, really long time, (3) my JSS was still showing 100% as it has for a really long time.


I buzzed over to Help & Support Live Chat, where I was assured that I am indeed still Top Rated. Eventually (emphasis on eventual), I was informed that sometimes, one's My Stats page does not reflect the same statistics as one's Profile page. And I was told that if the correct information has not appeared on My Stats within 48 hours, then I should submit a ticket and they will alert the technical team to check into it.


Setting aside the "helluva way to run a railroad" side of things, I'm curious whether anybody else has seen this in the past? I try to remember to check My Stats every week (because I can never remember which week it updates) but I don't look at my profile all that often. As long as the Profile is putting my best foot forward, I guess the discrepancy is a moot point. But what if it went the other way--the My Stats led me to believe all was well, while clients were seeing erroneous info on the Profile?

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Melanie H Member Since: Nov 2, 2017
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Well, I know I've been Almost Top Rated since I started here, continued to be Almost Top Rated when a bizarro client tanked me for quite some time to the 80s, and today am still Almost Top Rated, with hopefully two weeks to go. Smiley Happy


I actually just ignore it now...apparently if you're breathing, you're practically there!