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A drop from 100% to 95% in one single day. HOW?

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What happened? No ended jobs this or the last week, so it can't be due to bad review, private or non private. I don't have any idea what's a cause for this. I was so happy to finally reach 100% and now this cold shower. What's next? 75% and kick out from UpWork? You tell people things like 'Idle jobs, one or two doesn't have relevant impact on JS.' But what does it have then in this case? What possibly might happen?

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I know the feeling, it feels impossible to make any headway on here anymore. Personally, I've a strong feeling they'll simply get rid of everyone eventually and put their elance freelancers on here. That's why customer service are no longer even bothering to help - they're just waiting for the end now.

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Don't feel bad last week I dropped from 100 to 94 and this week I dropped to 90 and I restarted a job that was on hold.


I looked at my past jobs and I don't see anything that would cause this drop other than a job for 2 hours that didn’t leave feedback.......really Upwork you are going to drop scores because of a 2 hour job when I routinely work 40 to 50 hours a week now.


This is the exact reason I am working my current clients and that’s it, don’t want to take on any new clients here.


I think penalizing freelancers for what happened 1 and 2 years ago when certain things were perfectly OK at that time is just wrong and please don’t tell me it doesn’t affect my score that much when my score has dropped 10 points in the past month and I am still on the same jobs no new feedback nothing new so obviously it does


I mentioned once before that this algorithm is ridiculous and sets everyone up to fail eventually (1 or 2 bad clients, Private feedback that is not rated a 9 or 10, jobs where no feedback left, or jobs where clients hire but never send work basically things out of the freelancers control ) especially when clients are not put under the same ridged type of rules as freelancers plus it doesn’t and won’t motivate anyone to work more if that’s what Upwork is thinking it does just the opposite if you are 100% then you either are worrying about losing it or figure you won’t stay there anyway.


I totally agree with you Donna. Vesna, I had the same issue. My JS score went recently from 100% to 99% (not much but still a change) without me or my clients being the reason for it. During this time, nothing had changed. I had no new contracts, no ended contracts, no feedback, no ratings, no private ratings, no disputes (haven't had a single dispute since day one). Really nothing had changed. I couldn't figure out what happened so I turned to CS to ask why this drop. I was told that I am being penalized because I have a contract that has been inactive for a long time. 


Sooo... It's OK to penalize freelancers for inactive contracts, but it's not OK to add a metric based on returning clients. Upwork's square logic... go figure.


In other words, no matter how good you are, no matter how good feedback you have, no matter how good ratings you have, no matter good your REAL success is, you will be penalized by Upwork for inactive contracts. See, the word "success" doesn't mean the same thing for Upwork as it does for the rest of the world. 


My JS Score went miraculously back to 100% (I have no idea why) but I have decided that I will let Upwork keep penalizing me for inactive contracts simply because I am no one's slave and I am sick and tired of guessing my way through Upwork. I will not go around asking my clients to end their contracts when there is still work to do. The contract in question is a huge project and we were informed by the client that we would need to take a long break because there is a lot of work that needs to be done on his end (that doesn't involve Upwork). The reason the client didn't end the contract is because he wants to get right back on track without opening/closing contracts. He is extremely busy and Upwork is the last thing on his mind right now. So Upwork penalized me for that. 



@Upwork - If inactive contracts are such an issue for you that you HAVE to penalize us, you could have figured out another way to prevent this from happening in the first place. Prompt clients to end a contract and leave feedback after a certain time of inactivity, or exempt inactive contracts from the JS Score, or automatically hide them so that they are not visible to other clients. There are other ways to deal with inactive contracts instead of penalizing freelancers. But nooo... it's much more amusing to create a mystery around the algorithm and metrics and watch the freelancers being all stressed up about their jobs. We have done this for the longest time, why change a habit now, right?


The bottom line is, if our contracts don't sound ca ching you will penalize us, one way or another. Force the freelancers to "keep up the good work". Isn't that how you say it Upwork?


It will take a lot more than some new colors and new fonts to make me believe you have changed. The name really suits you though.

Is this true - inactive/paused contracts count against our JS? Has a mod confirmed this? That's sort of outrageous.

Isabelle Anne, there are many metrics that count against the JS score and one of them is contracts that have been inactive for a longer period of time. That was the reason why my JS Score dropped from 100% to 99% according to customer support. 

Natasa I have more than 15 contract inactive from 6 months to 2 years and the clients just dont response even i can not end them by myself why should freelancer always suffer and why Upwork dont take any action about these clients and inactive contracts.Upwork is making new rules why they dont think about these issues why we suffer from these contracts even if these are inactive or we close them by ourselves.


OK lets say I leave them inactive and dont close them what if  a new client see that I have 25 jobs in progress what you think he will hire me I think No.


I am worried about my JS if it drops like this its better i just work with my long term clients so i can freeze my JS but again the mad robot will not let me freeze it as I have inactive jobs.


Please Upwork do something about these issues.



"Natasa I have more than 15 contract inactive from 6 months to 2 years and the clients just dont response even i can not end them by myself why should freelancer always suffer and why Upwork dont take any action about these clients and inactive contracts."


I know Iftikhar. I agree with you. I spoke with two of my clients about this and neither of them knew about the metrics or how they affect us. Both clients left their contracts open because it was more convenient for them to just resume work. I have several contracts where I work intensely for a period, then I have to wait for the client to do some work on his end (build a new website, add new products, new material, etc.) before we can continue with work. One of my clients hired me to translate 1 website and I have translated 7 websites for them so far because their business is growing in Europe. But they need time between the translations because there is a lot of work for them to do too. The world does not revolve around Upwork and I can't keep asking them to end and open new contracts all the time. It's ridiculous. I'd rather let Upwork mess my JS Score. I don't care anymore. 


Having that said, I want to remind you that there are several metrics that affect the JS Score. Contracts that have been inactive for a longer period of time is just one of them. I will give you the same advice as Setu gave you: act now if you want to make sure your JS Score is not affected by your older (inactive) contracts. The contracts you should focus on are the ones that have been inactive for 1-2 years; these are the ones that count against your JS Score.


Contact the clients and ask them politely to end the contracts in case your service is no longer needed. Do NOT end the contracts yourself because that will also count against your JS Score. Allow a week or two for the clients to reply. Give it three tries and if you don't hear from them, then contact customer support. They will try to communicate with the clients on your behalf. Remember, if you have many ended contracts with no feedback, it will count against you. That's why it is so mportant you don't end contracts just like that.


Soon enough, breathing will count against your JS Score too...


"OK lets say I leave them inactive and dont close them what if  a new client see that I have 25 jobs in progress what you think he will hire me I think No."


You are right. The problem is that clients see paused jobs as "job in progress". It would be a lot better if they were not visible to other clients at all. 

Agree with you Natasa all you have said i will try to reach clients and will request them to close the cantracts but i really like your these lines.


You are right. The problem is that clients see paused jobs as "job in progress". It would be a lot better if they were not visible to other clients at all. 


With that said Upwork  should have to at least hide these inactive contracts from clients as they hide the earning of a freelancer.

"There are many metrics that count against the JS score and one of them is contracts that have been inactive for a longer period of time."


This policy is just wrong... What on earth do open contracts have to do with someone's quality as a freelancer? It's completely ridiculous. we need to start a petition about this or something, odesk (oh sorry UPWORK) policy on this is totally crazy,


I have one contract ended and also two went out of 24 month scope. So I think my Job Success must be updated. But 16 days passed without changes. I wrote many times to Support Team but they do not want to fix it. Moreover I anticipated to obtain Top Contractor with this change but this also is not occur.
Did anyone experience this problem?

I just want to remind everyone about this thread, and in particular Garnor's response about half way down the page.

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Setu wrote


"I was given the understand on two separate occasions from CS reps explicitly that they had closed my contract and marked it as 'successfully completed'."


That's what I was told too. 

Interesting to say the least. I have been loosely monitoring my JS score over a couple weeks since and it has not been negatively affected. But I cannot make a direct correlation as many other positives went towards the score in that time period also.

But what is the truth? I bet if we had access to even a small data set, an approximation could be figured out.
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I was fearing this weeks' JS update, after the 1* doofus debacle, but it only went from 96-94. Just closed 2 5* jobs, so I expect it to go back up a bit next week.

William, I just saw your profile and I am very impressed. You have many returning clients and that alone speaks voume about you and your work. You could have easily rerunded the $18 to the client but you didn't. I really admire that. No wonder you are successful. Smiley Happy

Natasa retuning $18 also can go against  William and may effect more than it effect now as the robot really dont like refunds.

@ Iftikhar,


If you have that many inactive completed contracts for such a long period of time, I would advise that you start taking some action. Since the clients wont close the contracts or have gone inactive on Upwork you can try this strategy to lessen the impact on you job score.


For every 5 successfully completed contract that you complete you can close one of the contracts. And do this over time, so like one per month or two, until you have closed out all the contracts. You really have no other option but to close them, so use some strategy.


Just a little opinion.

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Thanks Setu for the solution but i am not really a big fan of JS Rotot its too dangerous I would like the Upwork take some action or just remove them from the alogrithm.

I doubt that will ever happen Iftikhar. In the mean time you will run the risk of your JS going down because of the large amount on inactive contracts. Not to mention loss of opportunity because clients think you are too busy.
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Thanks Natasa! 


I work hard to ensure client happiness, and that's why I was floored by that 1* doofus...


One thing I'm a bit annoyed about is the weighting of client scores - sheesh...$18 out of $13k should not have that kind of impact...nor should 1 job out of 149...In the last couple of weeks I have recieved $1908 (4x5* + 1x1*) in closed contracts, with what should be a 99.2% rating, yet my overall rating actually stayed the did my JS score (went from 94 - 96 - 94)...