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A forum to resolve the issues being faced by the Clients and the Free-lancers

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@fergus M wrote:

"Are you receiving your money?"


No. I had three milestones released last week and it isn't available for some stupid reason.

 Has it been 6 days?


The security period starts 6 days from when Upwork receive the money from the client. that may or may not be the same day the client releasesit.


Usually the only time a pending payment does not turn into "available" within 6 days is if the client's payment method fails. This would, however, not be Upwork's fault....


If you go to your transaction history and choose all transactions, or click onpending, it will give a date in the left column next to the payment when it will clear. If there is no date in the left column then Upwork have not yet received payment for the milestone so there is "something" going on with the client's payment method.

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Fergus M Member Since: May 23, 2015
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"Has it been 6 days?"


I don't call six days to process an electronic payment "functional".

If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.― George Orwell
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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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catfight Jennifer? what catfight? how come i wasn't apprised of this situation?????? 

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Althea Maefe S Member Since: Nov 6, 2014
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In my humble opinion, it is not wrong to talk about fun stuff over here as long as it is contained in the proper thread, and any serious thread be taken seriously. Even brick and mortar companies have break-rooms with books, billiard tables, dart boards (it's starting to sound like a bar, but I've been to companies with these sort of setup) even gaming consoles etc so the employees can relieve some stress.


Since we all work mostly from home and have no access to these (or social life, for that matter) we treat each other as our co-employees that we can have idle chit-chats with. 

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Pandora H Member Since: May 11, 2010
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@Tabinda H wrote:

 Let upwork community be a forum that should seriously resolve issues being faced by the clients and the free-lancers , instead of being a place for leisure and fun. For the latter, there are thousands of other options.

You have been here long enough to know that serious resolution of issues isn't a common occurance on the forums. Hence, why would we want to take the forums seriously?
(I realize the above statement is not exactly mature. So be it.)