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A freelancer fooled us 3 times

We hired a freelancer for an app from India, he started in 2021  in 2022 he was about to deliver the app which wasn't complete but we were tired of going back and forth with him. a day after the app was gone, the go daddy account expired, we paid it same day but he told us that he does have any backup and we need to pay him to redo the app, we did pay him then he sent the app in a zip to my husband but the zip was connected to his Google account.

I found a company to update the app and fix what he couldn't fix, so they asked me to get some info for the logins of admin panel, etc which he never delivered, he then deleted the app and the zip was empty.

Is there anything we could do since we don't live in India and not sure how it works there.

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No. Remove all acces you have granted already and take lesson. Do not repeat such faults anymore.

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In case you still have a copy of the zip, you can hire someone to figure out the database structure from the code. It won't have the data, but the app should be functional and you only need to add the data back in.

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