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A lot of utterly insane job postings

Hi, I am a freelance 3d modeller, and started to look for extra things to do on sites like oDesk.

However, I found that well over half of the jobs posted appears to be completely mindblowing.
There are people who expect you to be able to create a unique, highly detailed, realistic character in an hour, and make up to 30 of them in a month.
While in reality making a complete character properly, with realistic details should take at least a week.

They also claim that prices such as $10 - $20 (not per hour, per completed object) is completely fair for something like this.


A lot of them also lie about the pricing, stating one price in the posting, then revealing "oh, no this is spread out over all the things we want to make over time" later.

Inexperienced freelancers will work themselves to death if they even attempt to fullfill some of these job requirements.

There really needs to be some way of moderating, responding to or managing these ludicrous propositions, so that the level of quality and standard of the jobs in general gets raised. Perhaps consider getting someone experienced in each category to review each job posting before it is visible.
Currently these propositions overwhelm the legit ones so badly that the entire section has big problems. Not to mention new clients getting the wrong idea about what sort of pricing is fair.

If this keeps up, it will just spiral out of control and become completely useless. It's a long way there already.


You'll find this happening in all of the various job categories. I can't count the number of times I've just had to shake my head in amazement at the offers for editing someone's work.


The problem is that people are willing to work for those wages. Honestly, I don't think you can blame a client who posts a job paying a low rate and finds that there are more than enough people willing to hire at that rate. Of course, the client willl take the cheapest option if the client feels the person is qualified. Until freelancer's stop working for such cheap rates, the clients will keep on offering them and even try to push them lower.


Clients who post jobs that I think should pay around $500 are finding people willing to do it for $50. And when I look at their portfolio or profile (if they're legit profiles), some of the applicants look fairly qualified. Again, I just shake my head and move on because there's nothing much I can do about it.


Of course there will be no guarantee that the client will receive any kind of quality. I have noticed another site asking for qualifications and membership of professional associations. Maybe this is the way to go. I have revised the work of someone with lots of 5-Star reviews and the quality was shocking. Did the client (I think it was only one or two) not notice?! This 'professional translator' was not educated beyond high school!


Because really, there has to be something wrong if a well educated professional whatever they do works for peanuts, at least until they realise that this isn't getting them anywhere.


Clients need to learn they get what they pay for and if that's finding out through shoddy work, then so be it.


I saw a job post the other day and it was a fix price.The only thing that makes me laugh was that he/she is paying .50 cents for the job and that was totally insane.But still there are a lot of disperate freelancers who applied for the job.Some of us also here are not creating there work by themselves.Because I found out that some freelancers here are bidding for the job and after being hired they make another job post at lower cost.

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