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A practical joke!

It seems odesk wont consider auto hidden issue! How funny they keep counting it as negative mark if a contractor refunds money to the client! Yes I refunded 2/3 times cause sometime the clients were too much annoying! Black sheep is everywhere. There are few crazy clients who give low feedback as bcoz they know how to get back money after end of the project! Some clients hire 4/5 contractors at a time n' never response later after end of the project. Some clients ask for mockup and never hire anyone later! Even though odesk uses to value client that would be 70% and 30% value n care for freelancer!!! but still they keep saying, "happy work" . How would we work when 100% applications are being hidden? is not it a practical joke? Just see: * last 32 clients gave me 5stars * I only had 4.5 feedback twice against 53 projects * I refunded willingly twice coz the clients made my life hell. They were keep messaging via skype in every 10 minutes while we the freelancers who work in creative field like to have silence during concept making! so i was annoyed and refunded! so why should it go against me? I worked so many hours, then refunded for annoying and still odesk thinks I should be punished?