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A proof of legitimate fakeness

Yesterday I sent a proposal to a job post with 10-20 proposals and I got a reply today. 


1. My proposal was never "seen". I didn't get those 10 alerts - email, push notification, popup with a person in suit smiling at a phone screen, congratulating me that my proposal has been seen.  But that's fine, nowadays it is important to send connects, not actual proposals, they are boring and chatgpt-generated anyways.


2. I decided to check out the job post stats, and, since Upwork removed the link to the "original job posting",  the only way to get to that, was to perform a search with the job post title as a key phrase and so I did. 

3. The search results showed 2 job posts exactly the same, one posted yesterday and the other one - 2 hours ago. 1:1 identical. Both stating that the client has (ATTENTION) :

  • 11 jobs posted
    0% hire rate, 1 open job
  • Health & Fitness
    Small company (2-9 people)
  • Member since Feb 22, 2024

In 2 days the client posted 11 jobs, obviously there are 2 identical ones both active and open but according to Upwork there is only 1 such job.


This can't be a bug. This is just a lie. 

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Maybe it mean that another 1 opened but not total?

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Upwork has to get these scum clients off the platform, or else we will continue to accuse them of being a Casinno - where knowingly bogus clients are allowed to post so freelancers lose money on Connects to bogus projects.  

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 Anna N wrote:

nowadays it is important to send connects, not actual proposals

That’s it, in a nutshell.  We are not sending our experience and talents because they are of no value to Upwork.  We are sending connects only because they are the only thing that provides value.  This is a company that failed at its intended purpose of matching freelancer talents to clients in need of those talents, and have since positioned themselves in such a way that they make money whether they do their job or not.  They appear to be heavily invested in human behavior and have choosen to capitalize on the fundamental human desire to win, no matter the consequences.  I don’t know how they sleep with themselves at night.

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Well said, Anna!  

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I still don't believe that the fakes are Upwork's, but I believe they are kind of ignoring it, or 'extremely' not serious about dealing with it, where I mentioned that clients - not freelancers - might be able to sue them for negligence when they got scammed.


Why aren't they serious about it? The answer is back into... because they need to cut every possible cost and stop everything that doesn't bring profit. Also, be hesitant to stop 'anything' that 'helps' them with profit.



My opinion on the problem OP described:


We know they are trying to 'automate' or 'program' everything, they cut staff, including I assume the dev team where they need to focus on the most important tasks so they put "smaller issues" aside.


These smaller issues include those described in this thread, or like in another thread where posts from banned clients still appear in search. So, I still believe the "visible inconsistencies" are bugs, not lies.


Or this where I strongly feel that the mods are now told to keep directing genuinely confused newbie clients to the dumbbot instead of creating them a ticket, etc. These clients, if they really lost a lot, are examples where I said it might be feasible for them to sue the company.




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My concern is that there are 11 jobs posted in 2 days by the same user of the platform and only 1 shown as active although it is obvious there are more. Here and there, between the lines, in xxxs-small font size, my suspicion is that all these negligible errors are purposeful and it all seems as an investment into behavioral science. I feel like a part of an experiment, it is not even about money that much. I guess I am overreacting but I strongly believe something has to be done. At least some kind of a warning to all the newcomers that this is not the reputable jobs marketplace where people can make 10million$$ as freelancers, but something completely different. 

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I understand the concern. If I have to create an explanation about it, I'll say "number inconsistencies" or "searchable banned client's jobs" are probably caching "problems" (where they have to push it down on their to-do list).


And things like client posting many jobs without hires are one of the 'side effect' of the policy change where clients needs to do their own 'rotation' to go through a whole lot of junk proposals.


The 'cut staff' policy is probably a good idea to cut cost, but they're overdoing it. At least in the human-support area where as in my previous post, confused client were told to use the dumbbot, again, instead of just helping them for real. This is so annoying for me to see.


It's my opinion, but I'm also waiting to see if every 'weird' things are actually their own doing, and if some solid, undeniable proof will arise. For my own personal 'experiment'. 😃



warning to all the newcomers

I mentioned a couple times that despite what's happening right now, they are not losing 'new joiners', yet. So what they're doing are still working. The "saturation point" is still far away. They can even still "don't have to care" if they lose (some types of) genuine clients, etc. We see they even raise the connect cost even more, that supports the theory that the outcome is not against them (yet).


But, although I didn't really mean to, I think I personally managed to stop two (seemingly professional) new freelancers who asked questions about Upwork in this forum from proceeding. I basically just pointed them to some threads and they decided (at least publicly) it's not worth it 😂

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Ignore and apply for appropriate jobs.

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Why can't it be a bug?

I've seen similar things like this a lot. Similar if not identical jobs mere minutes apart are posted. But my tendency is to skip these jobs because it is an indicator that something anomalous has happened. Maybe the client posted a job and has decided to remove it in favor of a new one, or some interesting issue with the system. I file a lot of the odd things occur under the category of "sunk costs being sunk." 

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That happens quite a lot on platforms because the posters are not so much looking to outsource but rather gathering contacts. And then it makes sense to post the same ad a couple of times to make sure everyone sees it. The solution to removing those duplicates from your results list is to keep flagging anything suspicious. 


Hi Anna, 


Thank you for reaching out to us and bringing this to our attention. We were able to locate the job posts you are referring to and we shared your report with our team for further review. 

~ Nikola
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Nikola - why do we as freelancers have to be the ones who take the time to report these fradulent jobs and scam clients?  Why can't the Upwork team be more proactive in getting these platform abusers off of the platform?  Please stop taking to make a profit off of Connects even on postings that are against the TOS.  

Did you confirmed that information provided by Anna is a true? Jobpost (in error or as expected) provide fake data?

I have created a screenshot but I understand screenshots get moderated/removed if I upload them. Let me try.

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I'm glad to see this discussion, as I was feeling frustrated and alone with the growing sensation that Upwork is scamming me.


The root of the problem is that this platform's stated purpose is to help freelancers get jobs, and employers find freelancers, but the platform is set up so it makes more money from freelancers attempting to get jobs. That welcomes fraud, as there are way more attempts than hires. Pretty simple logic tells you that Upwork would be motivated to build a system of attempts instead of actual connections.


If Upwork were an honest platform, they would only make money when frelancers are hired for jobs. That would give everyone the same honest motivation.

Well said, Matthew!  I fully agree that the new Casinno-system on Upwork creates other motivations... and it actually disensentivites Upwork to help Freelancers and Clients connect to make good work, when they can make money from applications to dead-end jobs instead.  

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