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A question for fellow financial modelers

With financial modeling being as specific as it is, with custom solutions that are developed for each client individually, do you ever have the following problem?

I always need the client to sit down with me on a Zoom call and explain his particular challenge(s) to me. Then I would usually outline the approach which I would take and I would ask clarification questions.

This is especially true if the client already has some material ready and he wants me to expand on it and add new functionality. For some reason, many of them believe that their existing model of 20+ sheets is somehow self-explanatory and obvious and that there is no need whatsoever to sit down and have a talk to discuss the whole thing. This is also the case when their material has multiple #REF errors. They simply expect the freelancer to find his way and "make something out of it" with no guidance.

I wonder if this is a problem for anyone else and what do you do when you encounter it? Do you insist on a meeting to discuss it, or do you simply do your best even if it's uncertain that you understood the task properly? Or something else? I thank you all in advance.

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It is the client's project, not yours.


But you, as the freelancer, decide what type of services you provide.


You decide if you offer the type of service that requires a live meeting, or if you do that require such.


These are hourly contracts.


You can simply tell clients that you recommend a live meeting because it will save them time and money, and the results will be better. And let them decide.

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