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today i am here to write something which is unfair for frelancers on upwork

this happened to one of my friend  his account got permanently suspended due to many proposals he had sent and not got job but he had previously done 6-7 jobs successfully and had good ratings on it 

on contacting customer support they told that his skills does not match on upwork so they are suspending it but  i dont understand that if his skills does not match on upwork how come he got 6-7 projects on upwork and that too he completed successfully.really bad of upwork his upwork carrer is finished 


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Yes, I think Upwork treats freelancers unfairly. Luckily there are many other freelancing platforms for your friend.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Matang,

I understand your concern, but please know we are not suspending a large number of freelancer accounts. We have found only a small portion of our registered users are submitting many proposals but not winning any (or very few) contracts. We do not like taking this step, but we must do so in the interest of the rest of the Upwork community. Generally many freelancers find success on Upwork when they submit fewer proposals only to jobs they are absolutely sure they can excel at and write outstanding proposals when they do. I hope that helps you

~ Goran

Don't worry, Matang -- because your friend has at least one buddy who has very cool sunglasses and who knows what is righteous and fair.

But there should be some chances given as it's not right way to permanently suspended it, instead it should be like suspended for 1-2 months after that he/she can apply for new so after that all will be careful proposing to job

There are far too many freelancers in almost all categories, so it makes business sense for a platform to remove unprofitable products.

No shop with any sense wastes shelf-space on products that do not get bought.

Your friend had his chance.


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Hi Matang,

The team will be reaching out to you directly regarding your profile pic which should be a clear photo of yourself with your face being clearly visible and unobstructed.

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