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Re: ADULT Fiction Writer

Community Guru
Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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UpWork put my name in the list of ten recommended freelancers, for a job writing adult fiction.


The job description reads: All types of smut, romance, and niches related send your info. You know the drill already.




I'm a resume writer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why on earth would they give out my name for this type of job.


I thought these things were going to be fixed with new algorythms. What happened. REALYY UpWork. This gives a whole new meaning to the word UP in your new name. We are not amused.

Community Guru
Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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Flag it


Jobs may not transmit any content related to or containing any adult or sexually explicit material.

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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Thanks for the suggestion, but you know how well flagging a job works around here. I gave up hitting my head against that wall a long time ago.

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Garnor M Member Since: Oct 29, 2014
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Hi Jean,

Sorry to hear about this. I'll share the feedback with our teams here. We are committed to improving the relevancy of job/freelancer recommendations. It is also possible that clients are finding and inviting you directly, but where we can control the recommendations, we will improve.

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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Thanks Garnor. I sure hope it's soon. I'm no prude but was really shocked at that one.

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Santiago G Member Since: Mar 10, 2015
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@ Jean


By chance did you try out that suggested change I mentioned last month in your other topic? Still curious to see if that helped or made matter worse. The other topic you posted was also about invitations.



@ Suzanne


I took a look at part 2 of the link you posted here. Wow...... at least 5 of those get violated on a daily basis from what I have seen. I never seen that post before (I'm not a client = explained!!) but after taking a look, it's just plain Wow!! Talk about a near complete disregard of rules and a massive amount of nothing being done about it. Makes ya wonder sometimes!!



@ Garnor or any of the Mods here that spot this post.....


Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't there supposed to be someone or something attempting to prevent such things? Take a look at the screen shot I attached here. I know for fact that number has GROWN because I keep seeing that same job post. That's NOT posting the same job multiple times? The last time I saw that same "client"/"job post" was just 21 hours ago. And just for the fun of it, that "client" managed to violate 2 rules in that list at the same time with the same exact post that keeps showing up. I know because I'm looking at it again right now.


And as pointed out so many times before, flagging things amounts to everyone's time being wasted. So please stop suggesting that until it gets fixed.


Considering the current fake / scam job post marathon that continues, please explain how this type of thing is allowed to continue.