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AI Flagging

I'm having an interesting, first-time issue for me. I was hired to write a technical article for a company, which I did. Just so we're clear, I have never used AI to write. nor do I plan to use it in the future. I turned in the article, and he ran it through an AI scanner, which returned it as 100% AI. This is not true, but we discussed the areas that seemed particularly troublesome, and I reworked those. The next article was returned as 90% AI. At this point, I simply started from scratch, and this one was also returned as 100% AI. He even sent me screenshots of the results.

He's telling me that the job isn't complete until the scanner returns a 0%, but I'm having trouble imaging that happening when 100% human-written material keeps coming back as 100% AI-written. We've discussed that his scanner is clearly wrong, but he won't rest (or pay) until the work is "done." 

I have a couple of options on how to proceed, but I can't see any of them actually turning out extremely well. As a result, I wanted to hear if anyone else has had this issue, and what you did to resolve it.

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