A client by the name of A%$fat O&*l, is working as a middleman for a project. After I submitted my work, he drastically, and without informing me, lowered the contract price by at least 40% of the original contract, citing that he, is waiting for the final nod from his client. I have a copy of our convo here in case oDesk wants a copy. Now, its another story if he will fulfill paying me the other 40% he withheld(even if he finally paid up, it still doesnt make him a not-scammer), the one that makes me frown is that this supposed improvements being crafted by oDesk (this "ability" to adjust existing project's rates) is being used by some unscrupolous personas in trying to trick and use freelancers. I hope oDesk can fix this. Its another setback to its noble drive to professionalize freelancing work.

So, is this for a fixed price role?

Because I am literally pissed and let myself ran a rant first. You know, I was hounded last night by this man to finish the job, was even told by him that I am new to oDesk because I dont want to initially agree with him because what I want initially is for him to close the contract first before I send the file -- its always my practice with my past fixed price works. So to foster trust, I gave in. And by the time he got my work, he fell silent, and then the bomb. I guess I'll write a complaint about this. But on second thought, let this rant be my record keeper, that today, I ranted out this disappointing experience I had. For now, I'll sleep this out. I still have a Congress to attend tomorrow. Thanks for reading Gillian! 🙂

If this doesn't work out in the end, then make sure you write some detailed feedback. I know it might not help with the money situation, but it'll warn other users on the site and it'll also give you a chance to explain your side of the story.