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***AUTO HIDDEN CANNED RESPONSE*** are you enjoying it?

New Forum Member
So once again i had a chat with odesk and got this CANNED response: To help clients find the best freelancers for their project, we review freelancers using a variety of metrics, including customer satisfaction and professionalism. Unfortunately, you’ve had at least a few clients who have not been completely satisfied with your work. Therefore, relative to other freelancers applying for jobs, your application is not as strong and may be listed below those with stronger histories, or hidden.Please know, satisfaction and professionalism are assessed by looking at many performance indicators beyond feedback, including client complaints, responsiveness levels, accuracy of profile and/or identity information, missed deadlines, disputes and more. We take into account both jobs you complete and jobs where you provide a full refund or you close the contract before working. To ensure your job applications are highly ranked, apply to jobs where your skills and past work experience are a great fit and build a great relationship with your client every time. This means being truthful on your profile about what skills you have, ensuring before you accept a job offer that you can meet the client’s expectations, delivering on time, and communicating with your client throughout the project and especially if you run into problems. By providing this type of quality experience and satisfying clients, your applications will once again be ranked highly for clients. lol, I am not even having a negative feedback, all my clients are satisified and that's what happening with many freelancers on oDesk. I don't know what to do now as I am not getting any invitations and odesk pushing me continuously in the hidden folder. What are you going to do guys in this situation?