About freelancing and working full time job

Just found this article and thought it would be nice to share it: http://www.inc.com/jeff-haden/why-you-should-freelance-while-working-full-time-and-how-to-do-it.html

It is a really good read. Thanks for sharing!!

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It is a really good read. Thanks for sharing!!

They lost me at University of Phoenix. That's not even a real school. What do you have to do to get into that school? Like open the door? Good luck transfering your credits for a real degree.


Anyway, I make a freakin killing when I work a 9-5 and do freelancing on the side.  If I didn't hate getting chained to a desk for 8 hours a day and having some middle manager ask me about 45 different status reports, I'd rake in the dough doing both.

Not only is University of Phoenix not a real school, but this isn't a real article. His "friend" Ryan seems to be the focus of a lot of his articles. His content has "affiliate partner" written all over it.  Would also explain why he has 30k+ Twitter followers but he only follows 10. 

The article also links to Ryan's spammy page selling his "get rich by freelancing classes". I have to give it to these guys, the websites look legit on the surface. 


But Copyscape suggests this article was written by a freelancer for $1 for 100 words and regurigtated over the internet a few hundred times. 


That's what it is like to be freelancer. The cold, harsh, truth. 



Nice catch, Cairenn. Looks like you probably found a dude who sells links on Inc.


I have to tell ya, it's tempting. People will pay thousands to a writer who can get a link on these sites.

Catching this stuff is why I get the big bucks, Jennifer. (cough) 

It is possible that this guy is a freelancer that was hired from a post for "someone who has an Inc. account". Who knows?


Good luck Jennifer. Each one does what each one has to do. If you keep fighting, better days will come, that's for sure.