About my Job Success score.


Hi there,


My job success score is 100% . But today I just saw its updated and now its 88%. BUt I dont understand,whats the reason.


I am so upset and frustrated. I just contacted customer support. without answering me they ignored me. Why they ignored me. I have screenshot. Am I supposed to share in here?


Its too much frustrating me also. Its very much rude behave. I didnt expect that Upwork customer support is this type. Sorry.


Again I contacted them and one girl contacted with me and told me my client gave me private feedback may be 1.


BUt My public feedback is 5. I have no idea if my client gave me public feedback 5, so why they gave me private 1.


If they have bad intention they will give me public feedback. not privately. .Its too much embarrasing.


May you help please. Whats the matter. What did I wrong. 



Thank you



Hmm, if your client gave you a bad private rating and a good public one I think either he just wanted to do some harm knowing it will not be noticed, or you where just terrible for the job and didn't want you to get affected by his rating and gave you 5 stars in public. Either way, you should message him, and ask him to give you a consistent private and public rating that would reflect his opinion about what you did.

Also you should consider improving your english a bit.

Thanks for help.


I am trying to learn english. I am not native in English. Sorry for that.


How I am going to sure that whose client gave me this private feedback?




My JS core dropped from 97% to 83% in several days. I'm speechless. 


I received a generic answer from customer support. This is becoming a bad joke. It's time to move on. 




Last couple of hours I am not able to see my stats....................

@ All


More than likely the "My Stats" page is being worked on. Its that time again when the scores are being updated. Also some added information on JS score calculation is forthcoming soon (should be this week). So just a bit more patience.


@ Khadezatul


Sorry to hear you JS score has decreased. You should already have seen all the information in the many threads here, so no use repeating it. Your questions will be better explained when the added information is released.


@ Alex


Contacting the client about a potential poor negative feedback is not a good idea. It may be seen as client harassment. Furthermore that is the clients right, just as the freelancer also gave a private feedback. But the biggest reason not to, is that you would not know which client gave the poor feedback - if that was even the reason the score decreased.

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What I fail to understand is what prompts a client to leave a perfect 5 start public feedback and at the same time bad private feedback. What is the psychological reason behind this type of behaviour? And even more important, if they are so unsatisfied with your work, why do they come back and offer you another job?

I mean, It's nonsense. It has happened to me a few times and I don't know whether I should disclose the fact that I know they gave me bad private feedback or just tell them that I am busy or something similar. Do I want to work again with a client that damaged my score? Certainly not, why do they want to work with me again?

I would probably tell them that I am not available, I don't like conflict and I avoid it at all costs, but it's time for Upwork to rethink about how much power you are giving to the client side of the platform, before it is too late and find yourself with a shortage of good freelancers due to the stern set of rules you impose on them.



I guess it mostly has to do with the "How likely would you recommend this freelancer" question in the private feedback section. I think on the one hand clients aren't quite aware of the impact this rating can have on the freelancer's overall performance score, on the other hand I think this is a tricky question in general. E.g. let's say you've hired a freelancer and needed to sort of "train them", which turned out to be quite hassle, but since you put the effort into it and it worked out in the end, you keep hiring them for similar tasks from time to time, and it all works out fine. But would you still recommend this freelancer knowing that the person you are recommending them to will probably have to go through a similar hassle as well? Probably not. So you give the feedback good public feedback because you're content with the individual job done, but you give them a lower score in the private recommendation question.


Just one possible scenario, I guess there are quite a few more possiblities. Since I am aware of this, i generally give both clients and freelancers a good score on this question, even though in reality I would almost always have to give a low score simply because as a rule I hardly ever make recommendations in regards to people.






wow, bit of a spoiler there! How about a hint - good info or bad info? 🙂



Agree with you Maria what ever you have said.JS has many secrets may be its not your recent client whom you worked with may be he is good and would like to have your services again may be its your last 12 or 24 month work history which drop your JS.There are hidden fectors which effects our JS and we think to blame our recent clients which we may think provide us bad private feedback.


Upwork should have to rethink and care about us as if a client leave us with 1 privately no one can do anything about it even a client or Upwork.

I can guide you in the right direction to better understand how.


First you need to appreciate the major differences in the components of public vs private feedback. It is easy to almost guarantee 5* public feedback by just doing your job "perfectly,", based on the 6 rating points. However private feedback is a different matter - and I will not get into the qualitative aspect of the of the two questions. I believe problems should be addressed one step at a time.


If you completed the job successfully, then that part is a giveaway. The second question however is much more tenuous, as it can be misinterpreted, misunderstood and take on different meanings for different clients. So more often than not - you will not get a 10 in the score.


Now here lies the problem with that. There is a strong possibility that this part of the rating system the NPS system (or a derivative). This has been mentioned several times by a keen member here on the forum, and no answer was forthcoming. I would recommend reading on this said system. You will then understand how easy it is to figure out what went wrong.


So re your original question. The client did not give you a "bad" feedback. It is more the system interpretation of that feedback. Else, as you indicated, why would the client keep giving you repeat jobs. So please take up these offers, because the client is not at fault, and good opportunities are passing you by.


***Please also understand the limitations of Mods and community members alike in revealing or implying "sensitive" information.


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If you completed the job successfully, then that part is a giveaway. The second question however is much more tenuous, as it can be misinterpreted, misunderstood and take on different meanings for different clients. So more often than not - you will not get a 10 in the score.

Thank you Setu, for the explanation. Here is a crazy idea for Upwork: why don't you change the question in private feedback to avoid any misunderstandig or misinterpretation?

Here is my suggestion: In a scale from 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the work this freelancer provided?

As I wrote before, willingness to recommendate is not always directly related to level of satisfaction.



Since I know you have spent a lot of time trying to understand how the calculation works maybe you can help me understand my situation.


Two weeks ago my JS was 80%. In these two weeks I got 4 new projects, only one of them was closed. 5 star public feedback. Let’s say the private was 1.


How come four new contracts, only one contract closed (let’s assume the private feedback was poor just for the sake of having at least some explanation), new milestones to almost every ongoing contract, and my JS drops for 5%?


Is it possible that one poor feedback (private, although I doubt it was poor but I am looking at the worst case scenario) could lower my JS for 5%?


It seems like the system is a little confused 😄

To some degree I can see some sense in the implementation of an NPS. And I guess I could also live with the definition that a freelancer is only considered "completely sucessful" if existing clients would very likely promote their service to possible future clients (although this wouldn't depict my favored/personal definition).


However and considering the context, I do think that the term "job success" is misleading in the way it is being displayed to a freelancer's potential clients. Their definition of "job success" will imo most likely differ from Upwork's definition, yet it is a factor their hiring decision may be based upon.


@ Sandra The scenary you described is possible, not in my case since I haven't received any training from my clients, but possible in other cases nevertheless. The problem is the question then. It should be changed to a plain "Are you satisfied with the service this freelancer provided?" Period. Willingness to recommendate may not be directly related with level of satisfaction..

@ Iftikhar I have been around for six months, so my score is a reflection of my recent work only. Anyway, I know the quality of my work, if some clients for some other reason decided to damage my score, they can do so without any repercution. Maybe I should choose my clients better, maybe I should improve my mind reading skills.

I feel a little bit frustrated today, sigh... i apologize.



you wrote, "Here is my suggestion: In a scale from 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the work this freelancer provided?"


I've written the same thing myself, and others have as well. No one at Upwork has ever responded to this question, to my knowledge.

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John, it is sad that Upwork is not open to discuss a factor that is obviously affecting freelancers. I am pretty sure I am not the only one with this concern.

Private feedback is one aspect of JS score, and I think too much focus is being placed on it.

Was this a "successful job", "not successful", "kinda successful." This is the important question.


How is your Job Success Score calculated?

We look at many performance indicators, both positive and negative, including:

  • public and private feedback
  • successful completion of work
  • client complaints
  • responsiveness levels
  • missed deadlines
  • disputes
  • long term client relationships

Therefore private feedback is only a potion of whether the job was "successful" or "not." Now private feedback has 2 components, one of which is actually "not private," but stares at us everyday.

My Stats - Google Chrome (06-14-2015 16.39.08).png


Therefore that only leaves one "reason contract ended" - and that one is within you control 99% of the time. So I really do not think this is the main issue here.

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@ Aleksandra


I can only explain that after more information is released. I would not want to mislead the community. I can say though that there is a logical explanation.


***Edited to add - The law of averages is affecting you greatly, you have only completed 6 jobs so far.


@ Sandra


Good to see you are reading. This is why I started by saying I will not argue the qualitative aspects of the questions involved in private feedback. We here all agree that it needs to be improved. However this in itself is not the main problem.

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For transparency, my JS score went like this:
89% > 90% > 90% > 94% > 97%.
I have been advocating before I was "Top Rated" and have never stopped.

My JS score does not determine if I am vocal or not. I am vocal because it is something that affects everyone. So regardless of where my score goes I will continue to advocate, because we are all in it together.
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My JS has never been lower than 93% and since they rolled out the program I have been Top Rated all the time. From the very beginning and even when I had a 98% JS I have been very vocal about what I think of it. The basic idea is good, the calculation, well, lacks transparency. But I won't discuss further.







I appreciate your effort to try and explain this ridiculous calculation. However, even if UpWork provides more information on this issue there is nothing we can do. I have read their “guidelines” on how to improve your JS and I can say that I am following every single rule! Still, my JS goes down. The funny thing is that if it goes under 75% they will tell me that I need to improve my work and I have no idea how. 


I have never missed a deadline, no disputes (I had one client who turned out to be a scam), 5 star feedback (at least public), replied within 24 hours, communicate on regular bases, deliver on time, long term clients and it is still not enough! To be hones I am not worried that it is going down, but I am afraid that if it goes under 75% my account can be suspended and in such cases we all know the outcome.


To reply to your new comment 😄 

So I should close my on-going contracts because the system doesn’t like the fact that people want to hire me on long term bases 😄

I just love this system 😄



thanks for providing all the information btw. I had seen NPS being mentioned somewhere else but only now remembered to look into it again.


Again, I can definitely see why this might be an interesting aspect for Upwork's internal data. In my opinion, the flaw is in what Maria wrote:


"As I wrote before, willingness to recommendate is not always directly related to level of satisfaction."


Personally, I would take away the recommendation score from the job success score and employ a second score (maybe similar to the "top rated badge"), so that potential clients have two separate factors to take into consideration (besides public feedback, hours worked and anything else that is being displayed to them on a freelancer's profile). Two separate percentage scores basically, one for job success and one for recommendations by past clients. I think this would clear up a lot of confusion and also give freelancers (and clients as well) something more "grasp-able". Even something worth working towards, actually. I personally don't care too much about the already somewhat blurry success score, but a flashy "top recommended" badge seems somewhat more interesting to achieve to me.


I do however have doubts that Upwork has any intention to make any changes in this regard.

What I can say is hopefully more will be understood when the added information is released. What is important is to have a job considered in the calculation as "successful." Also private feedback is only one metric in the calculation - and "My Stats" page already shows how many clients recommended you.
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Setu i think you should have to wait a lot for the information to be released.

The Community Manager has been working on it. In the last post he had promised he would try for a release last week. So I assume it will happen this week.
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