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About the Rising Talent Badge and eligibility.

I was always curious about the JSS. It seemed like I needed a lot of jobs and good reviews under my belt. I wasn't so optimistic about it because I didn't want too many jobs few months back. I thought "Rising Talent" badge also needed more jobs than I have completed and hence, out of my reach. But few days ago, I came to know that all it takes for it is few jobs, good reviews and, a 100% complete profile. I noticed my profile was just 80% complete. Due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, I have a lot of spare time and I am thinking about getting some other projects as well. I am thinking that the Rising Talent badge will certainly help me get noticed, I guess as it is a requirement in many jobs. Few days ago, I made my profile 100% complete. I have already read a lot of articles and forum questions on this topic. I am just curious to know about it from the experts.Without these badges and JSS, I think my proposals get piled up on the rejected list without even being looked at. Thank you for your time to read my scenario. Am I eligible to get the badge? What do you think fellow freelancers? And stay safe everyone in these hard times.

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Pratik K wrote:

Am I eligible to get the badge?

Unlikely, with 2 out of 3 of your previous clients marking you down on quality.

Anyway, if you were eligible, you'd have got it. 

Thanks for your answer, Petra R.

I got the Rising Talent badge today. I hope I will be eligible for JSS soon.

Stay safe.



Pratik K.


Hi Pratik,


The Rising Talent status is assigned automatically when a freelancer meets the requirements listed hereOnce you have enough work history on Upwork, your Rising Talent status will automatically be replaced by a Job Success Score (JSS) and start working on earning a Top Rated badge

~ Joanne

Thanks Joanne Marie P.

I got the Rising Talent badge today.

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