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Abuse, Clients & Disputes Who's Right?

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Stef S Member Since: Feb 8, 2020
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Who's we Preston? You're not a lawyer, you're not a cop and since I practically know everyone at my govt clients (no name agency) I know you don't work there.

Having someone tell you their going to effing kill you, ruin your life and want to rape you Preston is a crime. It's called cyberstalking. Yes, it may be a misdemeanor, and even if it wasn't a law it doesn't give people the right to act like that. And it sure doesn't give them the right to win effing disputes. No way, no how. Especially on here. Blocking them is one thing, like I said. But it's not the answer nor was I looking for one.

I agree with everything else you said though. We can never know for sure.

Look, I was hoping to have an amazing discussion on the subject matter of abuse on Up Work and instead I felt attacked yet again by other freelancers. My peers no less. Something in that is really wrong in and of itself.
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Joan S Member Since: Mar 18, 2019
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Stef - I hope you reported to Upwork what that client threatened you. But I keep going back to your first post where you said you thought that client was the worst of the worst. It seems that turned out to be the case. If you run into someone else who gives you that feeling, I hope you won't decide to work with them. Upwork has millions of users - both clients and freelancers. My experience has been that there are clients who are just awful in one way or another but there are also some really wonderful people who are clients. Every new job entails some risk - but that's just part of life. 

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Stef S Member Since: Feb 8, 2020
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Ya, I can't go back and edit Joan, but I should have stated I had a vibe and he turned out to be the worst of the worst.

Either way, my grandfather taught me to be kind to everyone, help those that are less fortunate and do good in the world. And I strive to do that everyday for him. Well, for myself too.

Oh I couldn't agree more. Out of the 60+ projects I've done I'm good friends with every single one of them except two.

Especially my Cali clients back home and my PA clients. I came out of retirement after 10 years of boredom and I do this Monday - Friday. I have absolutely loved every minute of it.

Don't get me wrong I'm not dissing on UpWork. I just think more needs to be done to protect us from abuse. Different measures need to be implemented where we're protected.

Unfortunately, even I can't think of how to go that route.
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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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To be fair, until your latest post, there was no indication of what you were referring to. You knew. Nobody else participating in the thread did.


Prior threads have involved freelancers offended because a client told them that their rates are too high, or because a client called them "lazy".


The discussion here is still worthwhile, informative and valid. But if you actually want to understand everyone's posts here, you need to realize that nobody was assuming that your posts were about a client threatening to kill a freelancer. Most of the participants in this thread have participated and/or read threads that represent a wide range of objectionable language.

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Stef S Member Since: Feb 8, 2020
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That's fair, but it's also not something I wanted to go all public with her either.

Still, that's not even the point Preston, the fact of the matter is abuse was done and Up Work didn't do jack.

I don't even know if this thread gets picked up by Google or if the client can see it even.

I'm tired Preston. You make me tired.
I feel like I'm gonna argue with you until we're both defetead. You win. I give up.

Night everybody.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Stef S wrote:
How are we, as freelancers, protected from people like this on UpWork 

As far as the money is concerned: By using the tracker. Simple.

As far as the client being rude is concerned: By establishing boundaries and firing clients who cross them immediately. Upwork WILL take action if handed proof, but that is separate from any dispute. It has nothing to do with the dispute.


Stef S wrote:
UpWork won't take these things into consideration when a dispute is in play?

The dispute and the client being rude are two different matters. They are 100% unconnected. If you send proof of the abuse to Upwork (screenshots), they will act on it. That won't (and shouldn't) affect the outcome of the dispute, which will go in the client's favour as manual time is never protected and you agreed to that when adding manual time.


Stef S wrote:
Has anyone ever filed a police report? 

If you feel that what was said rises to the level of a crime, feel free to do so, but I wouldn't hold my breath that anything will be done.

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi All,


A number of posts and replies have been removed from this thread as they were in violation of the Community Guidelines and the thread has been closed from further replies since the arguments have been exhausted and the conversation is moving into an unproductive direction.


I would like to address the two main issues that I see had been brought up on this thread - Upwork Hourly Protection and reporting inappropriate behavior. 

Firstly, in order for the freelancer to benefit from Upwork Hourly Protection, they need to make sure they use Upwork Desktop App to log time on hourly projects. By doing so, and following the steps outlined in our Payment Protection article here, the freelancer is taking all of the necessary steps to have their payments covered. More information about payments on hourly contracts, Payment Protection and the process the team would follow when reviewing any disputes on hourly contracts can be found here.


Secondly, we do take any reports of abuse or inappropriate behavior seriously. In general, this help article outlines ways such instances could be reported to Upwork team for review. But, Stef, I have also forwarded the concerns you shared here to the team and they'll reach out to you directly for more information about the situation you've described. You'll receive an email from them shortly.


~ Valeria