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Abuse to current Agency Policy of Upwork by Agency Contractors

I am an agency owner at upwork. We migrated from Elance. I just caught a worker of my agency who is exclusive member of the agency. She has created her own profile on upwork.

She has been working in my company since last 3 years since we joined Elance. Workers had no access to communication with client on Elance. It was very secure for clients and agencies to perform their business with full confidence.

I just caught her today and found that she is running another separate account on upwork since last 4 months almost (I migrated on Upwork just 5 months ago). She is also working with our agency as exclusive member. She has been using Agency's resources for personal use and data of our clients was also compromised.

When we were working on Elance she has no knowledge how to deal a client and how to communicate, how much we should charge. But right now she has full access to contracts and she learnt very fast and created her own account and successfully completed 2 jobs within one month after account creation. Now, when an agency member login to tracker to track the time, she can access to Agency owner's communication with that client on whom job he/she is working.


I am unable to understand Upwork logic about work assignments, that client should know to whom he/she is working with.

Here is example, when someone place a order for a Car, will he ask the Manager tell me who did the painting, who prepared the interior of the car I want to know his/her name and want to communicate with him/her, I don’t think so any business will allow this.


Why Upwork is behind Agencies to ruin their business. Why they are not paying attention to matters Agency are facing due to their wrong policies.

Due to Upwork wrong Policies I lost one of the client to her and also lost an experienced employee and misuse of Agency Resources and memberships.

Please make better Agency system on Upwork. In matter of time Agencies will face problems due to this wrong policy for an Agency.





Yes exact;y, It was very easy on Elance to manage company business. On upwork it became very difficult to manage business for agencies. I lost several clients who just left by saying why should I hire any other team member for my work when I already awarded job to your agency?. 

Upwork should pay close attention to problems being faced by agencies.

I also have seen this reply by upwork in several posts that "Contract details are only can be seen by agency owner and contractor cannot see the rate on which a job is awarded".

This doesnot make sense as any contractor can easily see the rate of the job by simply visiting his agency profile.

There is still no option to keep your agency profile as public and keep the earnings as hidden. If we keep our profile as private it will disappear from search results. Solution??

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Muhammad,


I am sorry you experienced some issues with your agency freelancer. I would like to note a few things:


- It's a violation of Upwork ToS for a user to have more than one profile. So you may submit a support ticket and let the team know about any violation like this.


- With the recent change earnings on agency profiles and agency exclusive contractors’ profiles can be hidden. So you may want to check that option out.


Agency model on Upwork is somewhat different from the way companies function on Elance, so it's understandable that it can be hard to adapt. However, several changes have been made recently regarding agencies and some others are being considered. That's why your feedback is very important to us.


~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


Well current model is openly violation of company or Agency Policy violation in term of direct relationship with client. Nowhere in the world has any Agency or company allowed its employee to reach out the client and communicate. If freelancer can communicate than where is agency Privacy? Everyone is concern about that.


If you people didn't make changes in agency than i am afraid more cases like this will show up in near future.


It is Agency Hard earned experience to deal with client when employee see all the communication than it is easy for employee to use all the things for his own personal good.


Due to this today i fired 5 employee of my agency who were involved in this activity and used agency resources and client information for personal use and business.


How can i promise to my client that you data or other information is saved with me? I lost 5 experienced employee and it is a big loss for me to get involved in new process hire fresh trained them with 3 for months period and then they can perform the duties who is reasonable for this loss?


 Now whole structure of my Agency is jeopardize i don't know how many more are involved in it due to open information sharing via Upwork Tracker messaging and easy to see details.


You are right there is option now available for make earning private but the end I'll lose appearance in search results.


It is an unwise and short-sighted to try to build your success on the information being limited. You don't get to keep your employees working for you just because you think they don't know how much their work really costs or obscure their picture in some other ways. They will work for you if you provide them the sense of job security, good internal climate/culture and nice people to communicate with, and shield them from customers' complains and nagging. This is what the good agencies are for.