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Academic keywords to add

Per a discussion with an agent, I am posting a request/recommendation here. Please let me know if this is not the appropriate location for this request.


I would like the following words to be added to the keyword database. I have noticed that these words are very common in job requests but are not available in the keywords to be added to the freelancer profile:











probably they're not available to add because academic fraud jobs violate TOS. Although there are legitimate academic jobs, postings from students looking to cheat on their assignments are pervasive and are not allowed here.


Thanks for the suggestion Lisa. Generally, these keywords are likely to fall under "Academic Writing" which is a skill you can add to your profile. I'm not sure we'll add the words you suggested as we do want to keep the lists fairly refined. 

Hi Garnor,


I appreciate your response. It makes sense to me that you wish to keep the lists refined. However, please keep in mind that individuals who work with software or provide web design are able to use the keywords to list their special skill sets with different programs, which makes sense because they are special skill niches. I daily see posts requesting proofreading for dissertations and master's thesis, which is also a highly specialized skill area. This is as much of a relevent skill set as specific computer programs.  Your clients will be better served if they are easily able to find those freelancers with the academic experience to support these endeavors. Furthermore, I would argue that the search term "academic writing" suggests that someone is searching for someone to DO their academic writing, which as the previous commenter pointed out, is against Upwork TOS. You noted that Upwork's preference is to keep the search terms refined, but I would argue that "academic writing" is too general and potentially misleading. I would like to respectfully request that you reconsider the decision, especially for terms related to dissertations and theses, which appear to be a signficant portion of the traffic from my observation. Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have any other suggestions as to how I might help people find me (in addition to my own search efforts) and develop this niche, I would very much appreciate them.


Thanks again,




Your argument makes sense Lisa. I'll raise it for discussion here so the team in charge of these updates can consider the feedback.

Thank you Garnor! I will look forward to the decision.







Agreeing with Lisa: The term "academic writing" practically invites ToS-violating job posts. "Academic editing" is acknowledged within higher education, and is a more accurate description of allowable services. It might also be marginally less inviting to the academic fraudsters.


In the post-postgraduate world where (for better or worse) ghostwriting for academic publication has some legitimacy, other terms can be used: "writing for peer review," "journal submission," etc.




Thank you for your support, Michael! Well said.