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Accepted invitations to interview, but no response from clients

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Lexidh S Member Since: Mar 21, 2018
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Hermann M wrote:

Same here and the worse ones are from the UW talent Scout - the last one was an invitation for  job offer by an Indian company which pays an average hourly rate of $3.00 which should not be allowed here in the first place - this is slave labour 

Most of the time I wonder if those "Talent Scouts" are real people at all, and not just bots. The lack of realism in their suggestions point to complete lack of understanding anything about what I do for clients here on UpWork, and what I expect to earn from a job. Not ONE of their suggestions has been relevant or midly interesting!

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Ela K Member Since: Feb 9, 2015
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Since I got switched over to paid Connects, all of a sudden I am being inundated with (random) invites. I literally get 2/day now - whereas I was down to 2-3/month for about 10 months!


On paper, this sounds good.

BUT: the quality of these invites is poor. Those 3/month were usually targeted invites by serious, well-paying clients. Now I am seeing $5 (real budget) jobs again, clients looking for skills I don't offer, etc. etc. - something I hadn't encountered in a while.


Also new: clients that, despite my accepting their relevant invites, don't get back to me again. Ever. I don't know how many archived candidacies I have but there are loads. That never used to happen when clients initiated contact.


Whatever changed, it doesn't really work. Yet again, it's all about quantity instead of quality...


ETA: and since posting this the invites abruptly stopped coming in.