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Accepting a job contract

Hello - I was offered a postion that I applied for through Upwork. The interview process was on Skype via chat. The pay seems a little too good and they said I have to use one of their computers (that they will send at their cost). "You will be hired and payed on upwork at the end of each project or through the company payroll We only want you to execute our assignment on this official device." Now they are asking for my address, phone, email for the offer letter. Is any of this a Upwork red flag?

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Yep. Usual scam.

It says they have 4 active jobs on Upwork. I feel like someone else would have reported them by now ...

Check forum. Lot of similar topics here.

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I asked them to send the job offer through Upwork and hire through Upwork. Have a feeling it's going to be silence! 


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