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Access denied for local job

I tried submitting a proposal for a local job and I got a message that said "Access Denied" and that it wasn't accessible to users in my location.  It is in my location so wondering how I might be able to work around that or if something is wrong in some setting somewhere.  I suppose it could be because my area is listed as St. Paul and the job is in Minneapolis, but those two locations should probably be linked.  Thanks for any help!


Hi Nancy,


I understand your concern. Our team has confirmed that although the job is a US job and is just a few minutes away from your location, the client has specifically mentioned that the freelancer should be located in Minneapolis, MN. We hope this helps. Thank you!

~ Joanne
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I’m curious then why it keeps showing up at the top of my feed if the freelancer is supposed to be in Minneapolis. It’s just kind of weird.

Thanks for your help.
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Yeah Nancy, that's kind of crazy. Everyone from around here usually refers the area as the collective "Twin Cities" or just "The Cities" because native Minnesotans see them as one and the same. Sure, Minneapolis is more artsy and St. Paul is good place to go if you want to get into a bar brawl, but I agree that the two places should be linked. 

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