Access to list of proposals

In my daily work I often encounter job postings with a long list of proposals by fellow freelancers.


Translation projects into multiple languages is one of the most frequent cases for the above.


The list only shows a few freelancers at a time, and you have to click on the "more" link to see more. This is understandable to save space, but the problem is, that the "more" link will only show 5 more proposals at a click, so a large, complex project for instance, with  near 200 proposals (covering 16 languages) will take 40 (!)  clicks to get through.


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My question is, would it be possible to make the "more" link open the full list, instead of small portions of it? It'd save lot of time and effort...


The best way to run multi-language translation projects is to post one job posting per language pair.


You keep the applicants for each language pair together, making comparisons and hiring much easier.


This will also appeal to more highly qualified translators who tend to avoid "I need  translation into multiple languages" job postings.


it does not take that much longer, create the first job posting then duplicate it just changing the language.