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Account Hacked - Money Stolen

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I would like to share my recent experience and hopefuly get some views on how it happened.


So, here's the story...


It first showed up when I could not log into the Upwork wesbite. It kept telling me that either my username or password was incorrect.


I then attempted to get a password reminder and it tells me that my username was not found.


I then attempted to log a problem but could no because i wasn't able to log in....


I then contacted Upwork view the "anonymous" contact system. I wrote a detail explanation and sent it off...


I had no confirmation of the problem being recieved or acknowledged.


The next day I attempted to open another "anonymous" ticket... again it was sent and I received no acknowedgement or response.


I then decided to tweet to @UpworkHelp... with no response for 8 hours....


I then decided to phone Upwork in Los Angeles from here in the UK....


So, this is where it all gets scary....


The lady i spoke to at Upwork tried to confirm my email address and said that it was incorrect.... She asked some other identification questions and was happy i was genuine...


So, somebody had gained access to my account and changed the email address..


I received NO notification from upwork saying my email had changed....


It was decided at this point that my account had been hacked and it was escalated to the Account Security team...


I was then contacted by a very helpful chap from the Account Security team and he informed me that an addition payment method had been added to my account and $909 taken.


I had no notification from Upwork that the additional payment method had been added.


I had no notification that a withdrawal had been made..


I have no idea how they managed to add another payment method without knowing the answer to my "secret question"....


I am completely confused how this has manage to happen and quite annoyed to lose $900!


I am also very worried that it might be possible for this to happen again!


How did this manage to happen without me knowing anything about it????


Can anyone suggest how this hacked managed to do it?