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please I got an email from Upwork about me using an auto clicker or manipulating my tracker to track hours. None of these are true please as I do not even have the slightest idea of what this is.


 I have tried within months to build my reputation on here and deliver results to my clients.


my last job was to call prospects I had to use my phone for it as my computer speaker was bad. But I did use my computer to check on scripts as I make the calls and I was tracking hours cos I was indeed working. I even got a good review from the Client because I delivered.

I am scared of what the next step might be from upwork. I just need help please.


Thank you 


Hi Esther,


Thanks for reaching out. I can see that you've already responded to your support ticket regarding your concern. Note that support requests are responded to in the order they are received. Kindly allow 24-48 hours for the team to follow up with you and assist you further.


I'd recommend that if you have additional questions regarding your concern, feel free to post them on your ticket with the team, as they're the ones who can best assist you in this case. You can access your support tickets here



~ Luiggi
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Alright, thank you 
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