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Account On Hold

My account is still on hold few months from now due to 69% job success stats.  So I keep working on my job on progress and completed them & got 96% job success.  My probelm is I had a long term contract with my one & only remaining client.  I sent ticket to cs many times but they replied that they can't review my account because I still have remaining client.  I can't apply additional job because of my invisible account.


 Hello Sugar,


 You should keep in mind that long term contract are counted in your favour. So you should let the  review department know that you have such a contract. Don't end it. You need all the help you can get right now.


I was in an account hold too before all these new updates but I didn't have long term contracts. 


I hope anyone who has gone exactly through this situation replies and getes you more detail.


You might want to consider contacting some of your old clients who left no feedback and ask them to please leave feedback for you. That would help. I would also hide those two bad test scores.


Also fill in the rest of your profile. Portfolio, certificates, work history and all your skills.


I hope a moderator will take a look at your record and help you to get back to work.