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Account Suspended but still functional? I'm confused!

I'm really puzzled what is going on here, so I'd love if others who know more about the inner workings of Upwork could enlighten me a little!


So 48 hours ago my account was suspended. It turns out it was hacked, and someone used it to post over a dozen jobs. I'm mainly a freelancer here, but I've also occiasionaly used Upwork as a client & it was that side of the account that got used.


That all got quickly resolved and I've changed my password & done an anti-virus sweep that came back clean. That issue was dealt with promptly and closed yesterday with Upwork support.


But a few hours ago I got another email from a different support person saying I'm violating Upwork's policies and "it has been determined that your account will not be restored".


Except my account is working fine now & was restored yesterday!


Now from reading through this forum I gather there are lots of different types of suspensions, including some that let you continue working with clients.


I'd really love if someone could clarify what is going on here. Am I safe to continue working with clients and assume Upwork will pay me?


I've tried replying to the new email I got today but haven't heard back.


Thanks guys.


If your account is working, it has not been suspended. I dont think this platform will cheat you earnings. Use it with reliance as long as you can.

Thanks for the reply Carlos.


I'm assuming it's some mix up over the hacking thing that had my account suspended & restored a couple of days ago.


Everything seems fully functional on the account, so it doesn't seem suspended now - so it's odd to get an email saying it is!

Upwork emails can be a little challenging.  It's possible that the one you received should have arrived prior to your account being reactivated.  If it continues to worry you, a mod will likely visit this thread tomorrow and clarify things for you (or tell you how you can get clarification)

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Community Manager

Hi Ben,


I'll check with the team that's handling your case and we'll update you as soon as possible.

~ Valeria

Thanks for the replies Christy & Valeria. It's good to know someone is on top of this, I appreciate the response.

This was all sorted out today, as I suspected it was all a mix up over the account being hacked a few days ago.


Thanks again for your help Valeria, I do a bit of moderating on Reddit - I know it's often a thankless task!, but I appreciate your help here.

I'm glad everything was sorted out, Ben. Let us know if you have any additional questions.

~ Valeria
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