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Account Suspended with 1 day applied with 60 connects.

HI! Please Help me with my friend. He has this upwork account and make money with it.. the problem was last year he has 60 connects and applying all the job within 1 day.. and  next day his account was supsended and cannot retrieve anymore.. He Tried to create new account with his name and still he just rejected on the upwork.. Hes willing to do anything just to get his account back.

He replied and answer all the question regarding the account and yet it considered it as a spam account.

He wants to fulltime this upwork job.. Please Help us.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Cristy, 


If your friend needs help, he/she may contact us via our support channels and we'll be happy to assist him/her. I am unable to discuss your friend's account with you for privacy reasons, which I hope you understand. 

~ Avery
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Thank you for quick respond.  He wants to reply with you but the problem is  he doesnt have the privilige.. please see image . Thank you so much. He's email is **Edited for Community Guidelines**


Hi Cristy,


Your friend was notified about their account status, their appeal was reviewed and they received an update directly from our team regarding their account status. Note that we have procedures in place for managing accounts on which temporary or permanent holds have been placed, and our teams do communicate with account owners in detail regarding their options and account status, before revoking the option to submit new support requests or post in the Community.


Also, users whose account is permanently suspended won't be allowed to create a new account on Upwork.


In view of these processes which ensure account owners receive all the necessary information, please refrain from sharing further details about your friends' account as we can't discuss other users' accounts in the forums. Thank you for your understanding.

~ Vladimir

Hi Vladimir,


Thank you.

He already did some requirements, like passing his verified id and other.. and still its rejected

The problem he cant create and see the link because it was forbidden. How can he report his issue?



Hi Cristy, 

As Vladimir has already mentioned we can`t share more details about another user with you. All of the information and details about their account was communicated with your friend, thank you.

~ Goran



Im Jerome im using her account..as we said i did everything to get my account back.. i email to the support everyday , i have sent the requirements needed.. I have recent client in my account thats why its important to me. Please help me. my account in upwork is **Edited for Community Guidelines**

do you have telephone there as you need proof that im jerome i will call you now.

Thank you so much .


this was the ticket 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**




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@Cristy I wrote:

Im Jerome im using her account..as we said i did everything to get my account back.. i email to the support everyday , i have sent the requirements needed..




 So you are no risking HER account being suspended for allowing you to use it.

When you are told that your appeal was denied that means you are not and will not be allowed to work on upwork anymore and that you should go and find a different platform. STOP harassing Support. STOP emaling "every day". There is no "right" to have an Upwork account. When Upwork said they no longer wanted you on the platform, that was what they meant.


Please just accept that your Upwork days are over and keep your fingers crossed that Cristy will not also be permanently suspended for the grave policy violation of letting you access her account.





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