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Account Suspended

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Benazir A Member Since: Nov 23, 2017
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I was engaged by a client on Upwork to draft Terms and Conditions for his Social Media App.  He did not provide alot of details on the app, just likened it to facebook and said that there would be an additional sale of goods feature.  I drafted and submitted the terms and conditions in accordance with the brief (a full 30 pages of terms and conditions!).  A few days later he said he needed changes to the draft because the app had more features that needed to be covered.  I asked him to provide a list of all features so I could make the changes.  He referred me to his developer on Skype, saying the developer would know the specifics.


I contacted the developer, who kept sending vague messages about how their app had more features than a regular social media app, but never specified what those features were.  I asked him for a clear and comprehensive list more than once.  The guy never replied over the course of 11 days except to say hi.  Eventually Upwork released the payment for the milestone to me when the 14 day period to review ended.


A few weeks later the client very rudely messages me that I stole his money and never contacted his developer.  I told him this was not true and submitted screenshots of my conversation with the developer from Skype.  He said he didn't care what I had to say and trusted his developer and continued to be rude, accusational, and threatening. He told me to make the changes (which he still hadn't specified!?!). I told him I expected an apology before proceeding with anything. He made some more rude comments, so I ended the contract and we left eachother bad reviews.


Then he started harrassing me with messages and filed a dispute.  I responded to the Upwork Mediation Team Member immediately and gave her my side of the story along with screen shots to prove my contentions.  She agreed that the Client never clearly explained what he wanted changed, but because he was dissatisfied, I should work to make the changes or be advised on the costs of arbitration (should he choose to escalate the matter).  I did not respond to this message right away because I was travelling.


Then two days ago I get a notification from the same Upwork Mediation Specialist that my account has been suspended for failure to respond.  I saw in the chain of the notification that a final notice had been emailed to me 2 days prior, which I never received! I responded back immediately telling her this, and she said the account will only be unsuspended if I resolve the issue with the client.  I have sent him 3 messages in the past 2 days, and I see him log on, but he never responds.  I have sent the Upwork Mediation Team Member several messages to find out what to do if he does not cooperate, but she responds once a day (if even) and only tells me to resolve the situation and give the client satisfactory work.


What are my options? This is my main source of income, and I was otherwise in excellent standing.  I can't get any information for the online chat support team either, and I am freaking out.


Please advise!

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Benazir A Member Since: Nov 23, 2017
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Someone please reply. I am in urgent need of assistance.  The support chat does not have any information and the helpline isn't working.  I have called numerous times but it never registers my options when I select one.

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Benazir, 


In an event of a dispute, you are required to respond to the mediator via your ticket. In the future, please be sure to respond directly to tickets sent you regarding disputes. I have followed up with the Disputes team so that they can get back to you and advise on a solution to your issue. 

~ Avery
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Benazir A Member Since: Nov 23, 2017
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Thanks for getting back to me.  As I mentioned in my post, I already have responded directly on my ticket, but my Mediation Team Member responds once every 24 hours telling me to resolve the matter with the client.  The client remains unresponsive, but the Mediation Team Member is ot responding to my queries about what to do if the client remains unresponsive/uncooperative, or how long I have to keep trying to resolve it before other measures can be taken to unsuspend my account.


So I need a way forward and/or a timeline for when I can expect my account to be unsuspended.

Community Manager
Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Benazir,


I checked your communication on your dispute ticket and original notification ticket, and can confirm our team responded to your messages and updated the ticket regarding the steps related to the dispute process on time and in detail. Please refrain from submitting additional tickets and follow the instructions our team already shared with you, in order to resolve the issue and resume using your account. Feel free to follow up on the open ticket with any questions you might have.