Account Suspended


When I logged in I get a message "Your account is suspended " contact customer support. When I asked the reason they said they have no idea. So what is the reason for the suspension ?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ayan,


Someone from our team will follow up on the ticket you submitted this morning, please keep checking for updates.


This is what I got from your team.


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But I still dont understand what Violation I made. This is really strange, can you help me to find out this ? 

Hi Ayan,


When I look at your profile, it doesn't tell me that you are skilled enough to work. If a client hire you it is potential that you will fail to complete the project. That is enough for risk management team to suspend account.


Honestly, if I were a client, I would not hire you!. You should read Upwork policy. If something doesn't make sence. specially you account name. I saw your name associate with Zaproots.


I know how to solve you problem but I can't tell you here and won't tell you. It is exactly the same reason as risk team manangement to suspend your account.


I am afraid that your account might be permanently suspended. There's lot of Freelancer here and it is too many and enough for Upwork(Your profile looks regular). Upwork force low skills Freelancer out. Event if someone skilled enough to work, if he she works for a few greedy clients, he/she account might be suspended too.


Regarding to the message, I suspect it is a copy and paste from template message.


My suggestion is do some tests.


Sorry for my rant. Today, working on Upwork plate-form it so hard!.




@Weera P wrote:

Hi Ayan,


When I look at your profile, it doesn't tell me that you are skilled enough to work. If a client hire you it is potential that you will fail to complete the project. That is enough for risk management team to suspend account.



That's complete and utter nonsense.

Petra R:


Apparently, As a new Freelancer, What he should do is improve his profile and do some tests. When someone do something wrong on their profile. They should know the problem or how to solve the problem by himself/herself before openning Ticket and tell Upwork that you fix it.


I don't know why.

Hi Ayan,


Since we will not be able to share the details about your account suspension here in the public Community, I encourage you to continue communicating with the team via the ticket in order to resolve the issue. They will update the ticket with more details as soon as possible.


Thank you.

~ Valeria

I have gotten a susupension today as well. They say that there was an attempt to offer or ask for payment outside Upwork, which I am not fully aware of. They are telling me to just acknowledge the infraction made so I could get back to Upwork but how can I acknoledge something that I am not fully aware of?


I asked them to show me proofs on their accusation but they can't come up with something as the details are only intended for internal use.



My point is I cannot go on accepting faults that I am not fully aware of. I want to clear myself from the case that is why I am asking them to review further. I was willing to have my account checked not sure if they are gonna dwell on this. 



The bottom line is you or you and your client were trying to cheat the system.


You or both of you were trying to work outside the platform and get paid outside the platform. 


It sounds like the client reported you to Upwork and sent proof. You will not get to see what he sent.


What they are saying is if you apologize and ensure you won't do it again you MIGHT get your account back.

I actually got my self cleared from the case just now!:D


Upwork staff apologized as they claimed it was a misunderstanding in their end. If I hadn't conducted my own investigation, argued with 3 support agents, fought for my right to be cleared from the allegations I wouldn't have gotten them to move and review my case further.


My frustration was, they didn't want to show me any proofs to support their allegations. I insisted they show me one for transparency's sake but they declined and insisted that the details were 'internal'. I guess that was the major issue here. You cannot just blame anyone with faults without any supporting facts to show, right?


On the brighter side, they did look further into my case. I got cleared and my account is now up as usual. 🙂

Boy I wish there was a thumbs down button on here.


Vlad, please explain to all of us how this "mistake" happened. Why is is happening so often? How many have been suspended unjustly and just gave up arguing with support?


Why is it that a suspension in not thoroughly examined in every single detail to ensure there is no mistake?


How can you accuse someone of something this serious and not provide proof?


I have absolutely no faith in the system when this happens over and over again.


Someone needs to explain thee serious issues to us.

It's easy to get reinstated. Just admit to something you didn't do. You'll be back up in a few hours. 






Hi Aila,


I've checked and see your account has been resumed and our Support team followed up on your ticket. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.


Yes it was resumed a few minutes ago.


Thank you and sorry for those 3 poor agents whom I need to argue with. I needed to push them hard so they could examine my case better.


However I do wish there's more transparency in dealing with cases. Perhaps support SHOULD supply a proof to support their claims. 🙂