Account Suspended

I have got a mail from upwork regarding account suspended and i am not able to understant why it happened? Also i got a mail from upwork which i have pasted below. pls advise what i have to do to reuse my account.
Hello Sandeep,
We are contacting you to let you know we have suspended your access to Upwork indefinitely.
Our decision is based on a careful review and the fact that you have submitted a high number of proposals for jobs on our site without many contracts or earnings. Unfortunately, this means the jobs posted by clients are not a good match for your skills.
I know this news is likely disappointing to you. But our goal at Upwork is to enable freelancers to successfully connect and collaborate with clients who need their skills and expertise. Unfortunately, this means we must part ways with freelancers whose skills are not in demand in our marketplace.
If you want to appeal this decision, you can email us at Please note each case will be manually reviewed by our Trust & Safety team to decide if your account can be reinstated.
Please know we don’t make decisions like these lightly and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.
Upwork Trust & Safety

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Niks,


Our team will follow up with you shortly to get more information and reiterate Upwork ToS.


Why are they calling you Sandeep?

Hello Sir


My account is temporarily suspended without any reason

please recover my account 

Hi Deepak,


Our team already reached out to you via a support ticket regarding your temporary account hold. Kindly, check the ticket for more information and the steps you are required to take in order to remove the temporary hold. 


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar