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Account Suspended

Hi Team,

My account was suspended because I failed to finish a contract as I was diagnosed with a health issue and only able to log back after a 2 months to focus on my recovery. Then I learned that my account was suspended but I still reached out with my last client and delivered my work for free even though it is half finished.

Now, I had been wanting to lift my accoubt suspension as I am now better and can do work. The notice on top of my Upwork portal says to contact Customer Support and so I did and chose to notify me via email but no reply or acknowledgement from Upwork Support after 2 emails I sent them. This is becoming frustrating as I had been a Top Freelancer for years and now I feel like no one is listening to my plea.

Please advise how can I reinstate my account so I can apply for jobs again and recover my Upwork standing. Anyone from Upwork or has experienced the same and can read this, I would deeply appreciate your help.

Thank you very much.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ann Louis,


I'm sorry to hear your account has been suspended. Please check the notification on your account which details what steps you should take to lift the hold on your account. You should be able to access the notification with this link.

~ Bojan

My account has been suspended.Can I Recover It.

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I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, but I'm glad if you are feeling better and able to work now.


The type of suspension you describe is meant to be temporary. But it CAN take some effort to get lifted.


Emails sent to customer support are not always answered immediately. You may need to be patient while things are worked through.


Also, make sure you look everywhere for any communications from Upwork, and respond to everything they ask you to do.


Be sure to look for communications from Upwork in:

- ? -> Help and Support

-? -> Disputes

- email in spam filters

- Under the Question Mark icon

- Under the Bell icon

- in links you can click on displayed at the top of your Upwork screen

- Messages

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