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Account has been suspended

One of my friends has her account been suspended.
She is unable to contact the support help center because all "support/help center"-links redirect her to the job feed page, also she can't post here anything and she received no emails about this and nobody answered to her one.
I know that I can't discuss the details of her problem, so can I just ask to contact support team with her in the most convenient way for you and help her, please?
I can send all needed details via messages


Hi Maxim,


Freelancers are expected to comply with all Upwork Terms of Service and the failure to do so can result in account holds. Account holds lead to account interruptions, and consequences could include the inability to continue working on Upwork and the loss of your hard-earned reputation. We cannot share any information here in the community or to any third-parties about your friend's account suspension so please have your friend refer to the notification regarding their account status. To learn more about Freelancer Violations and Account Holds, please check out this help article. Thank you!

~ Joanne

Thank you for your response,
but still, are there any possible ways to get her account back?
She can't refer to the notification link, as you mentioned, because it redirects her to the job feed and this is the only reason I’m writing about her problem and not her.
She can't do anything except writing e-mails but there is no response to them

Hi Maxim,


Unfortunately we can't share details for another user with you. Your friend can refer to the details shared with them on their tickets, thank you.

~ Goran

Can you contact her **Edited for community guidelines**, please, because she can't do it as I mentioned previously?

It is exasperating to see the Moderators ignore people's questions again and again. The person who started this thread keeps saying that the notification link doesn't work, and the Moderators keep saying that the friend should use the notification link.


Over and over again, people who get suspended make the same complaint: they can't contact support. Are the moderators going to explain how to contact support after a suspension or not? And if not, please tell these people you won't answer them so that they'll stop asking. Trying to figure out how to use a link is not the same as asking for another user's personal information.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Heaven, 

I understand how this can be frustrating. As much as we want to help the OP, or any user who posts about their friend, we can only help users with general inquiries about their account.


In this case, we are unable to assist the user because the decision made on the account is final, and we are unable to influence this decision which was made on a careful review of the account. 

~ Avery
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