Account realted..i think my account is stolen

Can anybody help me. I think oneof my trusty person stolen my account... please help me...
I have all verification thing...

There is no way that someone could have stolen your account unless you made a mistake. What mistake did you make?

Actually me and my one of my friend have access to it...but suddenly ge blocked me from everywhere and now i am not able to login.

The reason i am taking help because all id proof all are mine..and also i did a hard work to maintain my profile.

Please help me out.

Hi Manish,


I'd like to look into this for you. Please share more information via PM by clicking on my name, including the details of the account you're referring to. 

~ Joanne

Its taking to long to response you... page is not opening ..please help

Manish K wrote:
Its taking to long to response you... page is not opening ..please help

Give it 24+ hours, and you will almost certainly be banned from Upwork anyway, along with "your" shared account and your "friend".

This is not a give solution...if you cant so please i request you not say like this... Is there any way or not... Because many time upwork help get out from a problem.

Looking for the same.

Manish K wrote:

 Because many time upwork help get out from a problem.

What, even when you have been violating the terms of service for years?


Violating, no i did not know that.. but he just told he want to add me agcency... thats why i given...
And please if you cant help so please just tell me..thats it.

Please help 🥺

With friends like that, you don't need enemies.

You are right.
Please help to get me out of this.
We all know mainting account as 100% is lot hard work back side...
I cant loose my account.

Manish K wrote:
I cant loose my account.

You have already lost your account because by letting your "friend" access your account you have violated one of Upwork's most important terms of service. 

I know this...
But we were working from two years...
But these days we are not working ...after time when i loggedin i am not able to login.

Manish K wrote:
But we were working from two years...

So you violated the terms of service for 2 years..... 

Yes, i did...but i dont know without giving change password or pin how he changed...
I have access my account after a time.

Sorry upwork but i dont know what should i do... I cant let him missuse my account and affect others.

So this is also a upwork words they will secure and help you out.
And also they verified me on online video.
You all can help.

Manish, I really do want what is best for you and I help you get the help that you deserve.


But what I don't understand is why you say you lost "your account"?


Isn't it equally true to say that this was your friend's Upwork account, and he changed his password and stopped letting you log into his account?

No, actully i have created my account .and i got better response and work hard..and my profile is very my friend told me he want to add me acency so he need i have given him ...

One thing...this is not his account this is mine...i have everything which i have uploaded ,video call and each client with whom i have worked...

And i accept i did mistek i trusted him.