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Account suspended. Verification ID.

Good day to the Upwork community. I hope you could help me out with the big issue. Or at least show some support.


A few days ago I signed up on a recommendation from my cousin who has been here for almost a year. Today I found out that he did not pass ID verification, although he provided all the data, so I cannot stand aside.


I'm writing here on behalf of my cousin, which is also an Upwork freelance. He provided domestic passport and utility bill. Unfortunately, there are no utility bills for payment in English in Russia.


Also, in different years, different translations of certain letters are accepted in various goverment organizations, for example in a driver's license his lastname is written as **Edited for Community Guidelines**, in an international passport **Edited for Community Guidelines** and on bank cards **Edited for Community Guidelines**. In the domestic passport there are no English letters at all, except at the bottom where characters are inserted and it turns out **Edited for Community Guidelines**... In anyway before that the verification was successful and what has changed now is simply not clear.


This is very offensive and completely insecure. In an instant, having provided all the data, you still lose your account even following all the rules.


Therefore when he found out that on his advice, I started looking for work here he asked me about write to community. I hope for this my account will not be suspended 😉


I hope the request ID can help Upwork support team to identify the account:
#32358155 - is for his identity verification


P.S.: Support is no longer responding to him.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nikita,


I'm sorry to hear about your cousin's account. Please note that we are unable to discuss the details of another user's account with you for privacy reasons. You can let your cousin know to reach out to us on any official Upwork social media channels so we can assist them further. You can find the direct links in the footer section of the Community.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

But there the support ignores messages in the same way, it turns out a vicious circle. If this is for political reasons, then just write about it to me. Why write that he could not prove his identity...

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