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Account suspended and Upwork will not give me any info.

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Danielle B Member Since: Jul 13, 2015
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Hi Valeria,


I can understand not posting publicly, but I have asked repeatedly in private e-mails for the reason, and I just get the same "canned" response every single time, with no explanation.  I am a real person, with a real job.  Elance is my primary source of income, and it has been for the last six years.  I have three children that I support with my work through Elance.  Elance has always kept me busy enough, so although I set up accounts with other companies (, odesk, etc.), I never went any further then that with them.  Elance is now switching all accounts to Upwork, but Upwork is saying I'm not allowed to have an account.  I cannot afford to lose my primary source of income.  This just makes no sense at all.  I wouldn't have even posted on the forum if someone from customer service had given me a reasonable explanation and let me know what needs to happen to unsuspend my account.  I am level 7 at Elance and have a very high rating 4.5/5. 


Thank you.

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Heather L Member Since: Jul 13, 2015
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I am kind of in the same boat.  I am not suspended, yet.  I transferred over with 75% JS and it's at 70% that trouble comes.  Which isn't far off.  I am scrambling trying to get feedback posted from past clients who didn't leave any.  If I lose the income from Elance and can't make it up on UpWork, my family is in a world of hurt.  It's a bit scary, actually.