Account suspended because of location inconsistencies (I travel regularly between two countries!)

Hey guys, I hope someone here can give me some help. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm jumping the gun, but from everything I've read here, there seem to be a lot of horror stories of Upwork taking forever (weeks) to resolve issues unless you actively push it. I don't know if this is still the case, but I assume a thread won't hurt.


My account was suspended yesterday. After looking around, I found that it was suspended because the system had noticed I was signing in from a different location. This is easy for me to explain -- my location is listed as Canada. I'm a half American and half Filipino with citizenship and blood from both countries. I've lived in both countries with my family, but now my family resides in the Philippines. As for myself, I have spent the last several years studying in Canada, and after graduating from graduate school in Canada, I have continued studying in the same university. Much of my study these last few months is research-based, meaning I have the opportunity to travel abroad without it impeding my studies. I fly back and forth from Canada and the Philippines regularly.


I assume this is why my account was suspended -- me logging in from a place that isn't Canada. I understand that you have to protect your system from fraudsters, and I would like to express that I'm not annoyed by these measures. What I AM annoyed about is the fact that apparently 8 days ago I was sent a message from Upwork Support asking for me to verify my location. And yet I knew nothing about this message.


I check my Upwork everyday, because I work with a lot of clients. It feels incredibly strange to me that Upwork wouldn't send me a notice on its own platform telling me that they had sent me a message, especially a message that would lead to my account suspension if I didn't reply to it. I suppose you sent me an email, but the email I have registered to Upwork isn't an email I regularly use (since you guys force us to register to Upwork with the same email as our PayPal, which isn't actually the email I use regularly for business, for security purposes as I don't want anyone to know what my PayPal email may be).


Surely this is a technical oversight? In the future, maybe Upwork should make more of an effort to notify people that their account is going to get suspended if they fail to see the message that you sent? Who checks Support Upwork if they don't have a problem?


Anyway, sorry for the rant. So I've sent my documents through the tickets. These documents include a scan of my US passport as well as the tuition bill from my latest term at the university, to prove my residency. I hope this will be enough to show that I am who I claim to be. 


What confuses me is that I've already confirmed my identity with this site. Last December I was given a video interview for the Upwork Pro program which I am a part of. I also have plenty of great reviews and I am very active on the site. 


I hope this issue can be resolved soon. I would like to ask the community if they have experienced the same thing? I'm sure that because of the nature of our jobs (freelancers), I'm not the first one who's been flagged because he wasn't logging in from the country listed in his profile, right? I mean, what do they expect, that freelancers will always be in the same country? Isn't one of the major advantages of freelancing the flexibility of our location? I understand the need to make sure that you don't have unqualified individuals pretending to be educated Westerners, so I'm not complaining. But if this takes weeks to resolve, surely the system is too rigid.


I hope this can be resolved soon. I've gotten quite a number of clients on Upwork since I started actively pitching (just last month) and a lot of my income comes from this place. I hope it wasn't a giant misake to rely so much on this site.


It's very simple: Where do you actually live? THAT must be the country you must set on your profile. Not "where you fly to" from time to time.

If I spend a month here and a month there, do I not live in both places? Upwork doesn't give me the option to put both. Again, I travel regularly between both locations. I do not have a spouse or children -- I am either living in the university dorm or in my family's house. I don't fly to Canada "from time to time". I spend long portions of my year in both places. 


Is it fair to punish and essentially disqualify freelancers who aren't rooted to one place? Hoping that Upwork agrees that the answer is no.

Oh well, then Upwork can see all your log ins being " a month here and a month there" then...

Yes they will be able to, and I'm not sure where your aggression/disbelief is coming from. Do I have to prove myself with documents to Top Solution Authors as well if I want to be taken seriously?


Like **bleep**, excuse me for raising a concern and for being worried about my ability to continue working.

Isn't she taking your case seriously enough to reply to your post, Xavier?  I myself have experienced rigorous verification procedures even if I never stepped outside the Philippines yet.  I think it is for the benefit of our clients who entrust their files to us.  We, in turn, benefit from them for they are the ones who fund our projects.  Also, isn't that amazing that the platform has such technology to employ tight security measures?

@Xavier S wrote:

Do I have to prove myself with documents to Top Solution Authors as well if I want to be taken seriously?

 No, of course not. Only to Upwork 🙂


It's just that your general Internet presence places you rather firmly at Manila.

And I won't dispute that I am in Manila. 


@Xavier S wrote:

And I won't dispute that I am in Manila. 

 Set your profile to where you really are then, problem solved.

Hi Xavier, 

We are sorry for the inconvenience. These ID verifications are in place as our way of making sure that the platform is safe from fraudulent clients and freelancers. 


I have followed up with the team handling your tickets, and hopefully, someone can get back to you soon. 

~ Avery