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Account suspended on duplicate account issue

I got an email this morning from upwork that my account is suspended because of duplicate accounts.

I created an account on Odesk years ago and that was supended due to inactivity.

When elance sent us message to merge our elance repute to upwork,then i sent many requests to upwork to reinstate that old account but no reply.

Then just to save my ealnce repute and merge it with an upwork account i was having no choice but just one that i created a new account on upwork and linked it with my elance.

Now they sent me message that it is suspended due to duplicate account issue.

I have contacted customer support too to solve the issue as i did not create second account on upwork to violate the policy of upwork but all that merging of elance brought me in this situation.

Now i want them to reinstate this newly created account because it also have all my elance repute attached.

I have money in this account too which is also held and financial transaction is limited.

I don't know how would upwork make decisions but its basic human right of every one to work and earn.

If any one can help to resolve this issue i will be grateful.



There are people who SHOULD BE permanently suspended from Upwork due to a number of factors, particularly factors relating to being dishonest and trying to defraud clients and Upwork itself.


If Rahila's original Odesk account was suspended simply due to inactivity, then she is not one of those people who should be permanently suspended.


Contractors who were working on Elance did not make a choice when it comes to migrating to Upwork. Elance is going away, and these contractors are essentially being forcibly relocated to Upwork.


When there is some kind of technical conflict due to past issues on oDesk/Upwork, I believe there should be ample forgiveness and an opportunity to start over.


Upwork should look carefully at incoming Elance accounts such as those that belong to Rahila and do everything possible to lift lift past suspensions and merge multiple accounts and make way for the Elance contractor to begin working on Upwork, if at all possible.


Now, there have been some Elance contractors who had problems getting established here on Upwork who minimized past negative, dishonest, fraudulent activities on oDesk/Upwork and who truly needed to be permanently prevented from working on Upwork.


If Upwork has any record clearly showing that Rahila intentionally defrauded clients or posed a true risk to the platform, then her ability to work here should be permanently blocked. But if this is a technical glitch due to her having a past inactive account and then trying to bring her Elance credentials over, this should be straightened out quickly and she should be allowed to begin working here now that Elance is going away.

@Preston H wrote:

If Rahila's original Odesk account was suspended simply due to inactivity, then she is not one of those people who should be permanently suspended.


 Accounts are not permanently suspended due to inactivity.

Why don't you leave it up to the teams who deal with this, as they have all the information at their disposal, and we do not.


They are in the position to work with her to sort this out one way or the other.


None of us on the forum can, and spamming people's inboxes with PMs will not change that any more than multiple copy and paste posts.

Rahila's account might not have been permanently suspended due to inactivity.


She said her account was suspended, not that it was permanently suspended.


If Rahila's account was suspended for some relatively innocuous reason such as inactivity or for some other similarly non-serious reason that she didn't accurately report, then she should not be permanently blocked from working on Upwork now that Elance is being decommissioned, through no fault of her own.


It was wrong for Rahila to spam people's in-boxes. But it is a good idea for her to present her side of the story here in the Community Forum in an attempt to ask for advice and seek support.

Thank you Preston!

Thanks for understanding that i just sent the messages to community advisors and moderators to get advice regarding my case.

As i am new on the forum.i did not exactly know how it works and just wanted all experts here to help me out as i am a house wife and work from home for my living and all this situation has made me very frustating.


Thanks once again.


I received this mail from Odesk at the begining of this year.


**edited for Community Guidelines**



Then in March i sent repeated requests to reinstate this account to so that i can attach my elance with this but still no reply.

Then in August i opened this new account on Upwork to save my elance repute.Now i want to keep this new account and close that old account which is of no use for me.

I am suffering just because of elance transition to upwork,I am not a fraudulent nor violated any policy.

I just opened a new account to save my ealnce repute as previous account was not reinstated upon repeated requests.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rahila,


I'll follow up with the team and check if there is a way for you to appeal for reinstatement of your account.

~ Valeria

Thank You Valeria!

I want to add that my old upwork account was suspended and they gave the reason that i did not won much work and remain inactive on the account that is why we are suspending,as i was very much busy with the work on Elance that time ,i did not gave much time on Odesk.

But i must want to explain too that i don't want that old odesk account to be reinstated.

I want the upwork to reinstate this newly created and then suspended account **edited for Community Guidelines** as it is linked with my elance profile and has much worth as compare to old account which has no job history.

As i already have explained that i just created this new account as i was left with no  other choice to merge my elance account.

I think freelanceers should not be punished this way because of all this merging process.

Kindly escalate my case with the management and help,meantime i am also in contact with help desk too.

Kind Regards,



Hi Valeria!

Did you contact the team regarding my case.

Its third day and i am just waiting for their response!

Kindly respond!



Hi Rahila,


I understand that you would like to get a resolution sooner rather than later. However, the review of your account was delayed because of the weekend since not all the departments work on Saturdays and Sundays.


Thank you for your understanding.

~ Valeria

Hi Rahila,


I have been informed that your account has been reinstated. Please, use this account for working on Upwork and avoid creating duplicate accounts.


Thank you for your patience.

~ Valeria

I'm having similar problems with the ELance/Upwork integration. I just found out about my duplicate account which was shocking to me. Now having all kinds of trouble i.,e not receiving job offers. My account is duplicated!!! What to do????
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gretchen,


I see our Support team followed up on two requests you submitted and are assisting you in resolving the duplicate account issue.


Please refrain from submitting multiple Support requests, as our team will respond to your request as soon as possible. By having a number of requests on the same topic you risk creating confusion and delaying the resolution of your issue.


I have a serious question as to why a moderator can solve a problem in 1 to 2 days, when CS or whatever team takes up to 1 month at times.

Frustrating the freelancer, leaving them hopeless, stock responses, no response, or 'this decision is final.' Until they happen to come here, then one of our Mods miraculously fixes the problem in a jiffy.

It doesn't sit well. The only conclusion can be drawn is that some staff members actually do their jobs, while others hide behind protocol.

This is inefficient, not to mention overworking a few people.
---- easy like Sunday morning ----



Today i have search freelnacer with my name. I saw,already made duplicate upwork id using my name and pic.So can you please block them.


Thank you.

Hi Harsh,


I've checked and found one additional profile with your photo, so please contact Customer Support and share links of the other profiles you suspect are using your personal details.

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