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Account suspended - terrible way to treat members

I was recently informed that my account was suspended because of a violation of the terms of service.  I was shocked - I haven't violated anything.  After inquiring with customer service, I was told the following: **edited for Community Guidelines**


I couldn't believe that Upwork would suspend my account without even inquiring first about my activity.  Instead, it just outright suspended my account.  So, I responded with my explanation - I am on the platform regularly, submitting many proposals.  However, I don't hear back from most of them, partly because my rate is high.  I've been through a dry spell over the past several months and haven't won any new contracts, but I'm not hearing back from people either.  I have over $7k YTD earnings, and had a Top Rated status and 100% JSS.  I am not taking work offline, and there's ZERO indication of that.  They could have gone through my messages to see that.  But instead, they chose to perform a cursory review of my account.


After my explanation to customer service, I was told that everything is fine and I can have my account reinstated as long as I agree to not violate Upwork's ToS.  I didn't violate them to begin with, but I agreed anyways, and I asked for my Top Rated status to be returned, and all of my active proposals (over 20) to be reinstated.


Now I'm being told, sorry, you can't have your 20 active proposals reinstated, they're all gone, and since you had a hold on your account, your Top Rated is gone.  WHAT?!  Upwork erroneously suspended my account with ZERO proof of any ToS violation, and I'm now being punished?


This is a TERRIBLE way to treat a member in good standing for many years.  I've been a paid member for over three years, and have excellent ratings. But because someone ASSUMED that I'm taking work off the platform, with zero proof or rationale, I've had my entire Upwork experience disrupted, and now I have to claw my way back.  Unbelievable.  

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Yeah they voided my proposals when I went through account verification too. At this point I'm considering legal action because I gave them compensation for something I have not received.
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Community Manager

Hi Michael, 

I'm sorry to learn about your experience. I will share this with the team so that we can improve our services. I also checked your account and can see that you are currently in touch with the team, and you are currently being assisted through a support ticket. Feel free to update the same ticket thread if you have further concerns so that the team handling your case can assist you further.

~ Avery
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