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Account suspended with no advice.

Hello, I started using rework on last summer vacations and had some good contracts and clients were happy with the work that I delivered. I came today and I see that my account is suspended and I don't know why. Could you please tell me the reason for the suspension? and if possible, unsuspend my account.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Cristobal,


Please check the last notification on your account which details what steps you should take to lift the hold on your account. You should be able to access the notification with this link

~ Bojan

Ok. The letter sais that I have to answer the message in order to reactivate my account. however I don't know how to do that, there's no button to message her. 


Let me explain my story: a client tried to contact me because there was a bug in a project I delivered a month before, he was asking for the source so he could modify it if I was not available. Since I did not answered my aconunt was suspended. I'm really sorry for him, and I would like to help him and I ask you as a second question if there's a way I can send him an email so he can see my message assap.

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