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Account suspended without notice.

My account was suspended without warning and without an email as to why.


Wondering why.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Eric, 

I'm sorry to learn that your account has been suspended. You may refer to this support ticket on what you can do to lift the temporary suspension on your account. You should also be able to access the same ticket in your email inbox with the subject header "Action Required. ID Verification Request." 

~ Avery

I did not receive an email about this.


My account was alread verified. However, I see that Upwork is seeking an ID like a driver's licience. Given high level of ID theft, I would never upload a copy of my ID to upwork.


And given the low quality of work on Upwork, and all the articles about getting off marketplaves, it's time for me to leave. Elance was greatm but uowork is just to low quality. The 20% fee is too hight.


Then my my account was tages because someone charged back upwork's fees for a different freelancer and ALL the freelancer's were charged back that work with that client.


It's just too many problems. I've worked on other sites like PPH and guru since Elance and never had all these problems.


So, I'd done. Verififaction afrer verification ... issues after issues ... 


At a 20% fee, I can use Google or facebook ads. At $100, if I get a $500 client, it's the same fee.


So, I'm done.



My case was different they suspended my account after I emailed a complain about my hourly contract hours earnings was reversed back to client, although the Upwork dispute team decided to refund only 0.50 hours and remaining 9.10 hours are eligible for Upwork Hourly protection. And they suspended my account. 

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