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Account suspended

How to connect upwork support team to review my account and see why I got suspended? I got suspended about 2 years ago, and never got a reply from support about that



Any help here please. Thank you all




please see attachment. You can send me scren if you have problem. Man Happy




Hi Loay, We have sent you an email two years ago on why your account was suspended. Please refer to that email and here's the ticket link.


~ Jo-An


They didn't say "why" my account got suspended, They only said 

"violating Upwork policies"



Honestly, If you get upworks reason it probably wont be very good.  They would be wise to keep it void of details.  I would not believe their reasoning if they gave it to me.  Making accusations such as "You took business outside of upwork and never paid us" puts them liable if they are not right.  They don't legally need a reason, so I would suspect their reason is that they don't want to do business with you.  It sucks, but I would assume you didn't follow the TOS or you made your customers very unhappy. But in truth it could be simply that they didn't like how you did business.  In the end, you can only be assured of one thing.  Upwork thinks you do not provide them with enough Return on Investment.  I would offer you some advice.  Make the people you work with money or they wont be doing business with you.

True! I agree with you, I think I got suspended because my roommate asked me to do something for him we agreed on a price and I asked him to give me a feedback after we finish on upwork, we were using the same network, so I guess that has something to do with my account right? but his account is still up till this date

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