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Account suspended

Hello Community!


My wife recived email from Upwork with next text: 

 **Edited for Community Guidelines**


We don't undestand why, because she have been succsesfully working on Upwork for 3 or 4 months with active contract every month. 


We did evertything they need. We wrote emails with apeals, we wrote to support for help, but every request are already solved after few minutes with bot's answers. 


Can someone give clear answer what we need to do for return account?


Thanks for any adwise!


Hi Evgen,


Sorry to hear that. You can read more on this announcement. You can also send me a PM with your wife's userID or email address so I can check with the team about the appeal.

~ Joanne

Hello Joanne. Thank you for your reply.
We have already read that and it doesnt solve the problem, because she has active contracts and earnings. 
And also I cant write you PM.
It says " You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action."

Hi Evgen,


Someone from the team will reach out to assist you directly. You can access your ticket here

~ Joanne

Hello Joanne, 


We just recieved email that my account is reactivated.


Thanks a lot for your help with this situatuation.


Cat Wink

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