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Account suspension problem

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Bartosz B Member Since: Feb 8, 2013
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So, I started working on Odesk more than 15 months ago, everything was peachy, until last three months. I first accepted job for a client described as from the same country as I am. Nice hourly wage, exciting project, brilliant. But, he tried to be to smart. After first week, guy asked me to send him the files, to check the progress. Exactly hours after that the contract was put on hold, and client stopped responding. I was pretty shocked. Guarantee helped, I lost some hours(manually added), but still, it was not lost time. When I checked And exactly two months after that, again, client from Poland, requiring help from local designer, as project required some pretty specific knowledge about local regulations. I was asked to prepare time estimate first, so I worked like crazy to get it done ASAP, and to at least some mockup renders to present the ideas. And guess what, contract was put on hold. But this time, my account was suspended along with it. At first I was frightened, then outraged, and after that, worried. I was asked how exactly I met my client by Odesk staff, and I'm waiting for their reply. 24 hours and counting. I know it does not look good, having problems twice, almost in a row. But I am genuine, I did nothing wrong, and I did not break any of the TOS. I would gladly submit to any verification procedure to prove it. Did someone else also had similar problem? How long did You wait for the answer and resolution? What can be done by the freelancer to help Odesk staff resolve such issue?