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Hi All, After several years on oDesk and for 1 Dispute with an client that's want a refund ..i received this message from oDesk support with any chance to defend my profile or to understand what is the problem i got any response !! .. ** The problem it's that's i have an ongoing contract now on oDesk and 50% of the payement of this contract will be released in 24h .. how i can handle this contract ? how i can finish this contract ? what i should say to my client ? when my account will be suspended ?! for the other client were ask for the refund, he taken me for more than 5 months he take my work my code and he ask for refund of a payed milestone, ok i will give you your refund .. but when ? when i'm payed from other contract "the last 5 months i worked only for this client" and in this week the refund can be released to the client, other contract is done well .. But, oDesk he want to listen nothing the client is God but freelancer must work and accept all. Thanks. *Removed by admin
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Zied, I am really sorry to hear that your account has been suspended. Since here on the forums we cannot discuss individual reasons for suspensions, I would recommend you keep communicating with the department that is handling your case via the ticket and follow their instructions to resolve this issue. Thank you.
~ Valeria