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Account verified but suspended

Good day,
So I'm writing this because my main account, which got verified and later finished some projects here (also earned a good rating) got suspended for no good reason.

I'm asking here if any moderator will be willing to help me with this issue. I can provide proof on private message. 

Thanks in advance!


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Hi there,


Please, refer to the notification that was sent to you when the account was suspended for more information. For general information about reasons why a freelancer account may be suspended, please check this help article. Additionally, please note that it's a violation of Upwork TOS for freelancers to have more than one account even if their original account was closed or suspended.

~ Valeria

This account was made so I can post here asking for clarification related to this issue (on my suspended account I can’t post anywhere and can’t ask for support) and it will be deleted as soon as it's done.

I was notified that I’ve applied on too many jobs without getting any jobs completed while I actually got a job, delivered the project, got paid, and also got a decent rating so I don’t find that invalid reason for account suspension.

I want to ask for another verification of my account and the aspect that got my main account suspended. I don't think that I lack skills in graphic design.  At the moment I am writing my master's degree thesis in this field of work and after will start my Ph.D. so I don’t think my skills as a graphic designer are to be questioned.

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