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Hi , i need of urgent help just now i removed my browser cookies then upwork login passowrd also removed from browser. it prompt me to again enter email passowrd and then to make sure its send a 4 digit code on my no to check verification code but the verification code that i received is from this no this look local no**Edited for community guidelines**


i just want to make sure this no is upwork no or not? upwork send verification code from this no in Pakistan ???

please help


this is upwork no or not???

please confirm

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Do you see the starting code 92? Yes, It looks like a local number, not an upwork official number. In your case, upwork must have asked you for a security question, not a 4 digit code that's what I got to answer most of the time If I log on from a new device.

 yes what should i do please upwork help me

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sumbal,


I checked this for you and you have provided this question in your open ticket. I'll follow up with the team and they'll update your ticket as soon as possible. One of our agents will assist you further regarding your concern. 


Thank you.

~ Bojan

hi, yes please help 


actually few months ago same situation happen with one of my cousin he received code from this no he entered that code


after some days his account suspend    this no look so local    its not an official no **Edited for community guidelines**


so please don't do this with me safe my account please 

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