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Accused of removing articles I was paid for?

Good day all! I hope your weekend was fantabulous! 

So here's what's going on. 

I checked my Gmail connected to Upwork (don't really check it often since I'm not freelancing on a consistent basis) and it said I had unread messages. So I come here and read that my client said I had somehow removed articles I submitted last year that were bought and paid for by client. 

I'm not even sure how I'd do that once I submit them. I can't get into client's computer, and I would have no reason to remove them in the message center where they were submitted unless we agreed that something needs to be changed. 

I let client know I didn't remove them and said maybe client should check with Upwork for further assistance. 

Does anyone know if submitted work is archived somewhere in the system, and if so, how do clients retrieve them? 


Go to My Jobs - All Contracts.


find and Click on the contract.


click on Messages


in the pop up, select "Files" to find the sent files.

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This is ridiculous. It sounds like the client was using Upwork as a file repository. Who would do that?

Agree - it's SO ridiculous Preston! 

I'm also thinking that since the person told me " I paid you $X and you removed the articles.." they might be angling to get that money back and that ain't happenin' because I did the work and submitted it.. Whatever happened to my work is not my issue after I sell it to them. 

As a purely practical matter, if this is me, I don't even try to figure out what is going on in this client's head. I simply re-send all the articles I wrote for him to him.


This eliminating not having the articles as an excuse for pestering me.


(Of course I maintain archives of all past work I do for clients.)

That would have been the plan, except that I don't have those copies any longer due to my laptops crashing. 

Go to My Jobs - All Contracts.


find and Click on the contract.


click on Messages


in the pop up, select "Files" to find the sent files.

Thanks Petra! I did that and I saw the 2 files I sent and the one I removed (it was replaced and sent to client's Skype) but I can't open the 2 files as they come up with "400 Bad Request" alert. 

I'm wondering if this is the reason client can't see them, because of the alert? 

Ah 😞 D*mn ... maybe a temporary glitch?

Maybe. I don't know how long the system keeps our work but these articles were from 2016.... 

I'm just not pleased that I would be accused of theft (practically) when I submitted articles and was paid for them yaknow? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mariska,


I see the error you are referring to. Let me escalate it to our TS team to see if they'll be able to retrieve the files.

~ Valeria

Thanks Valeria! 

Hopefully client will stop blaming me and realize I didn't do anything underhanded like client thinks.