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Re: Achieving Rising Talent Status after returning from a long break with previous successful feedba

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Nazia T Member Since: Jul 3, 2011
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I'm Nazia Tasneem, a marketing and admin professional, really wondering to know how to achieve this rising talent status after having a long break on upwork? Actually I used to work as a freelancer here when it was Odesk over a year ago and after I logged in about 2 weeks ago I experienced many differences here. I really liked the positive changes of Upwork.


I've accomplished 14 jobs earlier with good feedbacks but since I joined again 2 weeks ago, saw that I really need to secure new jobs and do well again to have the job success score on my profile. After I started I actually applied for a job and also successfully finished it. I've secured another job with the same client and again finished it as well.


My profile is 100% complete and I've also set my availability accordingly. Please can anyone suggest me when can I expect an invitation from Upwork for the rising talent program? Am I eligible? I'm really looking forward to your valuable feedback.


Thanks & Cheers 

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Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Nazia,


I'm happy to hear you appreciate the changes that happened on the site since last time you used it.


Since you have quite a few jobs in your Work History you will soon get your Job Success score and potentially qualify for Top Rated program instead of Rising Talent. Continue bidding on jobs and completing them successfully. Once you receive more feedback from various clients, your Job Success score will appear on your profile.

~ Valeria

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Nazia T Member Since: Jul 3, 2011
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Thanks for clarifying me. Actually nowadays most of the job requires rising talent or job score above 90 for which I was really worried! So for my account rising talent is not applicable right?So after applying and getting more jobs feedback I can be eligible for Top Rated badge right? Lastly, for being top rated do I need to have earnings over $1000 within the past year. I really appreciate your kind support.

Many Thanks