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Actionable steps to improve JS?

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PATRICIA K Member Since: Nov 4, 2014
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My JS is 60% , my feedback score is 4.52 and  clients who would recommend me are 88%. I hve been sending proposals for jobs but it seems clients do not even read my proposals.

How do I go about improving the score as it seems I cannot get any more jobs with such a score of 60%




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Sandra T Member Since: Nov 26, 2014
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@Daniel C wrote:



The thing that I don't like about JS is that it's sounds like they're saying 19% of aren't completed because my JS is 81%.  Or maybe I only finish 81% of the job and I can't complete that pesky last 18% of the project.

 I think many clients don't necessarily see it that way. It's a bit like when an item on Amazon has 4 stars overall, many feedbacks with 5 stars, and then you scroll to the 1 star reviews to look what pulled the overall score down and see silly reasons like that the package arrived too late.


Obviously things are not as publically viewable as on Amazon. But clients know that there are other clients who might have been unreasonable or difficult. They also know that every now and then things just don't work out quite right.



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Daniel C Member Since: Nov 21, 2010
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I like how you compared the JS score to a 5 star rating system.  The only difference, however, is that clients don't see ANY factors that have weight in the calculations.  They just see a % and have to come to their own conclusions.


So when they see something like 80% and then look at all the reviews and they are all 5 stars, what does that tell the client?  Nothing, it's confusing past the point of having utility. 


On the other hand, the JS score is a valuable metric for Upwork.  They can use it to recommend people and to locate poor performance based on Upwork's goals.  But pretending like it's useful to clients or freelancers is laughable.  They can adjust the formula, and manipulate the market (low score get less jobs).


If they took the time to read, then it clearly says NEGATIVE CONTRACT OUTCOMES.  The word "negative" has a natural negative connotation...  lol


The simple truth of the matter is, if clients and freelancers don't understand the weight and utility of a metric, then there's no point in using it to persuade a client's opinion of a freelancer. 


I hope Amazon releases a PS score soon!  Product Success Score.  It's based on all kinds of factors that nobody understands!

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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@Daniel C wrote:


They can adjust the formula, and manipulate the market (low score get less jobs).


Been there done that - already. Sad but true.

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